PC Experience- The Road to Admissions Counseling

by Aleijah Tomlinson There’s no greater feeling than reaping the benefits of your investment. Let’s look at this hypothetical scenario. You wake up on a Monday and realize you only have twenty dollars in your bank account, and pay day is not until Friday. Unfortunately, you need a few more groceries to get you through … Continued

Compassionate Care of All

By Chris Huot, Athletic Training Program Director As we dig ourselves out of the winter months and approach March Madness, it is time to recognize a professional that does not like the attention, the athletic trainer. March is National Athletic Training Month. A time to celebrate all of the hard working men and women who … Continued

Soft Skills: The secret to success?

By Deb Schuelke, Program Director, Communication Over the past decade or so, we’ve seen a trend in popular opinion to push students toward technical degrees, prioritizing specific skills in a particular trade. Even baccalaureate degrees are pushing for more and more content-specific courses in degree programs. This seems like it would make sense – graduates … Continued

A Growing ‘Affair’

By Emily Carrels, Student Activities Coordinator The Student Affairs department at Presentation College focuses on services and student success outside of the classroom, and an important goal for the area is to prepare students for active participation in society after graduation. In the past few years, the department has seen an increase in new positions, … Continued

Meet Victoria!

By Tim Beckham, Director of Marketing If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Victoria you are missing out. According to the web, she is the world’s most lifelike childbirth simulator, and lifelike may be an understatement. Located on campus, Victoria is the crown jewel of PCs Avera Simulation Center. Watching our nursing faculty assist … Continued

Having a Ball!

By Teresa Levsen-Garofalo, Director of Annual Giving A career in Advancement/Marketing/Fundraising involves a variety of job duties, and much to my delight, “special events planning” is among them! During the course of each year, I have the opportunity to plan all sorts of different events at PC. My absolute favorite is the Black & White … Continued

The Spirit of Student Success

By Regina Duval, Student Success Specialist From my very first day as the Student Success Specialist, I’ve been asked: “So what is it you do exactly?”  That’s a fair question.  Obviously, I specialize in student success.  But what does student success mean? Success means something different to everyone.  For some, it’s a steady job, financial … Continued

The Buzz of New Beginnings

By Angela Dannenbring, Director of Development Remembering back to the day as a college student, I was given a campus tour by a student.  I remember feeling the buzz of new beginnings, new goals to reach, and networking opportunities to bring me into my new future following graduation.  As Presentation College’s Director of Development, I … Continued

Merry Christmas from Presentation

By Dr. Maggie Huber, President Warmest Christmas Greetings, As the snow begins to fall over our lovely campus we look forward to a break from our normal day-to-day activities. This gives us all an opportunity to celebrate, reflect, and look forward to a wonderful new year. We believe there are big things on the horizon … Continued

Living the Mission of Catholic Higher Education

By Sr. Pam Donelan, Executive Director for Mission If Catholic Higher Education is going to be successful at overcoming the daunting problems of these times, clearly we will need new ways to carrying out the mission. The Mission will have to adapt to the more complex times to which we live in order to serve … Continued