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CLEP (College Level Examination Program)

CLEP is a series of individual tests for various college-level courses. Each test provides an opportunity to gain college credit for knowledge acquired through independent study.  CLEP testing is open to the general public.

Presentation College CLEP Score Policies (pdf)

For CLEP exam guides and more information on CLEP tests, visit the College Board website.

New Incoming PC Students


Students who have not taken the ACT for admission to Presentation College may take the ACT Residual Test on campus for a fee.  Please note, residual ACT Score Reports cannot be transferred to another school or used for athletic eligibility or scholarship purposes.

Permitted calculators
National testing dates and times
Test Taking Tips
Test Prep

Placement Testing

All incoming PC students are placed in the appropriate level of math and/or English courses by ACT or SAT scores. If a student wishes to challenge the ACT/SAT placement he or she may take the COMPASS placement test.   Presentation College offers the COMPASS test, one time, at no charge to incoming PC students.

Students requesting to take the COMPASS test for another college may do so by scheduling an appointment with the Career and Learning Center.


Sample test questions and test taking tips
Calculator guidelines

Proctoring Services

Students are responsible for making an appointment in the Career and Learning Center by e-mailing Deb Schuelke or Denae Clobes. Proctoring hours are available 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday.  Students must report to the CLC at the time scheduled to take their test.

Online Courses

The instructor will provide the test information to the CLC, including the dates the test is available, length of the test, and if any materials are allowed.  The CLC will not proctor a test outside the test availability time unless permission is granted from the instructor.

Classroom/Make-up Tests

The CLC will administer make-up tests and proctored exams for students who are unable to take a scheduled classroom test for one of the following reasons:

  • A personal, family, work, or medical emergency
  • Missing a test due to a college sponsored academic or athletic event
  • A documented disability identified by the Disability Services Coordinator

Only Presentation College faculty members can authorize a make-up test.  Students must speak with their instructor before scheduling an exam in the CLC.  The instructor will provide the test information to the CLC, including the dates the test is available, length of the test, and if any materials are allowed.

Proctoring for Non-PC Students

The CLC will proctor tests for a limited number of non-PC students for a charge of $20 per test.

An individual requesting ADA accommodations must have the ADA Coordinator of the institution forward accommodation recommendations to the CLC in advance of the test.

Technology Competency Test

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Test Fees

  1. Non-PC Student Placement Test Fee (Compass) -$20
  2. Non-PC Student Proctoring Fee- $20
  3. CLEP Test Fee $80 (Additional $20 to non PC students)
  4. Residual ACT Fee- $35
  5. Compass Placement Test (for repeat exams)- $10