By Angela Dannenbring, Director of Development

Remembering back to the day as a college student, I was given a campus tour by a student.  I remember feeling the buzz of new beginnings, new goals to reach, and networking opportunities to bring me into my new future following graduation.  As Presentation College’s Director of Development, I am fortunate to take the same energy I felt as a student, and be the “matchmaker” to bring donor passions to assist in philanthropy goals, intertwine in a team of professional to build relationships with the community and abroad; and work to grow the vision, increase visibility, engage in networking relationship’s, and to cultivate resources to assist in the continual growth for Presentation College.

Currently, I work with the community and donors to cultivate a personalized experience when they schedule a campus visit or learn about what passions fit their desires of support to the college. My role is to cultivate community and donor relationships, engage individuals to meet fundraising goals, and meet with the appropriate faculty, staff, and even the athletic coach, to enhance campus facilities, build campaign for new innovative facilities for Presentations growing degree base, and increase service to our community. My passions is to Increase awareness of programs and student needs, and serve as a liaison to provide information on an innovative college moving to the next level.

I am excited for the new programs, working with high energy teams, and working with donors and the community through events, visits, and collaboration.  I am proud to be a part of the mission of Presentation College and the process of making the world a better place…one saint at a time.