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Hi, my name is Brianna Story and I’m from Temecula, California. Recently, I have just transferred from Victor Valley College to Presentation after my first year to play soccer. I am majoring in Communications however, due to the amount of choices I have with this degree I am unsure of what I want to do.

The hassle of Packing

With the school year coming to an end everyone is starting to move all their things out of the dorms, moving into new apartments, or new houses and I don’t know about you guys but for me it is a lot of work. I have a lot of unnecessary things in my dorm room that I do not want to get rid of because I tend to hoarder certain things and for some reason can’t get myself to throw them away. I leave to go back home in about four days and I keep procrastinating on packing all my clothes and moving the rest of my stuff that I am not bringing home into my friends apartment. I do not like doing homework but I would much rather do hours of homework then trying move all of my stuff around. The thought of folding all of my clothes putting them in suitcases, moving my tv and other little things on my dresser does not sound fun to me. I had a hard time moving all my stuff in when I first came here and the thought of doing it all over again just kills me. I waited to the last minute and it was not the best decision, so I know I need to start packing now but knowing me I will probably be waiting until the night before again. I am trying to get all of my school work done before I even start thinking about packing but I know I will just hate myself if I wait until the last minute again. If you are anything like me and hate packing, I know it sucks but the best thing to do is try and get it done as soon as possible rather then waiting until the last minute that way it is done and you do not have to worry about it.




This semester is about to end and everyone is anxious about going home for the summer. I think the hardest part about finals coming up is the fact that everyone is so excited to go back. It is hard knowing that we are going to be back to see our friends and family for a long period of time and free from school. I know I have a difficult time right now buckling down and getting all my assignments done because I am so excited to be back home. The best motivation or number one thing that helps me focus to get my homework done is listening to music. Music helps me not get so distracted especially when I turn my phone on do not disturb. When I have music playing while I am doing my homework I do not get the urge to be on my phone or the urge to continue checking it. I think it is important when you are trying to study or get a lot of homework done to be in a place that has the smallest distractions that way you can finish it up and do it to the best of your abilities. The worse distraction I think everyone would agree with me about, is having access to their phones. Whether it’s texting back a friend, checking social media, or any other things people go on their phones for; when people have there phones at hand while doing homework hardly any homework or studying would get done. The best thing to do when about to study and try to get some good work done is to put the phone away, turn off the tv, and get away from any other distractions. This way you know you will be able to retain the information longer when it comes to studying and getting the best work done for your assignments. Happy Studying and good luck to everyone on their finals.



New Beginnings



Call Me Maybe with The Women's Soccer Team



Coming Back to Social Media After 46 Days

I gave up social media for lent, and it was tough at the beginning but as the days past, it got easier to forget about social media. Instead of going on my phone when I was bored, I carried around a book and just read on during my free time. Also, instead of being on my phone while walking to class I just listened to music or just actually looked at where I was going. I said hi to people more than I did before, and just enjoyed my walks. I had almost no distractions while I did my homework, and went to sleep faster without having to scroll through social media. After the 46 days, I was pretty excited to download the social media apps and see what I missed. And I honestly didn’t miss anything. After scrolling though Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for 15 minutes, I was bored. I started thinking that it wasn’t worth my time to be scrolling on my phone when I could be doing other, more productive things. The only app that I think I will keep up with (social media wise) would be Snapchat, because I keep up with my brother and sister through that more than texting, and I enjoy reading articles on animals and politics through there. Other than that, I think I’ll keep posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram every now and then, but unlike before, I won’t care about how many likes I get on the posts. I’ll be off of social media way more, and enjoy the time I have with others instead of wasting time looking at other lives passing by.




Easter Sunday

Ending Easter Sunday with a bonfire!  2

We are just missing s’mores!!   Untitled

Ending Easter Sunday with a bonfire!





Finals are coming

The spring semester is coming down to its final weeks and it is starting to hit the crunch time. Teachers are starting to send out what is expected to be on the final tests or final projects. Easter break for me was not really a break it was a chance for me to get caught up with my assignments and a head start on my last projects. I have a big project due in my composition class that has three parts to it and it is stressing me out. I know I should be doing more to stay on top of it but my procrastination skills are just kicking in. I have no desire to do it because we have to write a 6-10 page essay about something we believe in. We just finished and had to turn in our annotated bibliography, the second part, to our project on Friday and it was extremely difficult. We had to find five sources and write about why they are credible and how they would help our essay. The hardest party is trying not to repeat yourself over and over again. Usually I only use one or two sentences from my sources not the whole article and trying to explain myself five different times in five different ways is a little annoying to be honest. I am hoping the essay will be a lot easier to write and flows, but I am going to have to start writing it to find out. That is just one of the many projects I have to do before this semester ends. I really hope everyone else is having an easier time with their studies and final projects then I am because my stress level is at its tipping point and it has not even hit finals week.


Team Bonding

This weekend the soccer girls did quite a lot of team bonding!

Socc 2


We went on a team run to our girls softball game!

Socc 3


We also went to support our Men’s Soccer team for their Alumni game.

socc 1


They even had a little fan that wanted to join and play with them!

Socc 4





Presentation Women's Soccer



Spring Break Hike



Food in college compared to food back at home!

Being a college student is hard sometimes and the food in the cafeteria may not always be the best. Being on a budget students have to learn how to save money and prioritize what to actually spend it on. Sometimes it’s hard trying to figure out what to have for dinner, especially when cooking is not your strongest suit.

For me, I usually try to find things that are easy to cook and I can do different things with, that way it doesn’t get boring. Pasta is something simple and fast thing to cook, also, you can do a lot of different things with it like putting chicken in it or vegetables. However, that can tend to get boring if you eat all the time and trying to figure out what to cook for dinner it is not as easy as it seems. Plus, sometimes we don’t even feel like putting in the effort to cook because we have too much homework, we are tired from practice, or just simply too lazy to cook.

My roommate Paige and I usually go every other day with who has to cook for dinner and who decides what the dinner is. This makes it a lot easier with trying to pick meals plus not having to cook everyday as well. Even though we have a good system going, it’s hard not having real actual home cooked meals that my grandma would cook. I know that my cooking is no where near as good as her’s so sometimes my meals just taste bland and it makes me miss home more then I already do. It is also hard being away from all of the good restaurants and food that I have in California, like the good Mexican food and sushi. Since Aberdeen is such a small town it is hard to find food that compares to the food that I have back at home.



Food in college compared to food back at home!



food1 food2 food3


It is hard to eat food and snacks like this for almost everyday


food5 food6food 4


When I was so use the the food and restaurants like this I had back at home in California.




Disneyland is definitely the happiest place on earth!



Nothing is better then friends, donuts, and the beach


Spring Break

Spring break just finished and everyone is trying to head their way back to PC. I know plenty of people went to states with nice hot weather. I know speaking for myself; I went back to California to 90-degree weather. It was extremely nice being close to the beaches again as well as being with my family and friends from home. It’s always hard to come back to school after having so much fun at home. Especially when it’s such a journey to get back, not only was I extremely sad to leave home, but due to the extreme weather happening and the major blizzard storm going on traveling has been such a difficult task. I have heard that some people are stuck in Minnesota because all flights to Aberdeen have been canceled due to the weather up to Tuesday. Lucky for some of the soccer girls and I, we have decided to drive from Minnesota to Aberdeen. Unfortunately, we have been driving for about five hours and still have about two to three hours to go because it has been snowing the entire trip. We also have to be more cautious because the wind is picking up the snow around us making it hard for us to see while we are driving. Before we even left Minnesota we were debating about staying for the night because we didn’t want to drive in these dangerous conditions but we didn’t want to risk classes not being cancelled for tomorrow and miss our first day back. For some of us that are from California it is nothing like we are use to and is a little terrifying. We are hoping to make it back to Aberdeen tonight by midnight at the latest and if we make it earlier that would be even better. Hopefully everyone else had safe travels back to school from spring break and makes it back to school in one piece either today or in the next few days.


The Café

The Cafe 1

Working hard or hardly working?


The Café

What do you think of the cafe? Some people at Presentation feel that it is more of a social environment than a place to eat.


The Cafe 3

The different types of diversity coming together at the cafeteria.



Carnival Fun

Carnival Fun

Over the past weekend a few of the players from the women’s soccer team went to the YMCA and volunteered with the carnival they hold for the community and their children. They came and played different types of games like the Superman Toss to win some candy. It was lots of fun seeing all the different types of personalities these kids had and the smiles on their faces once they won.


Carnival Fun2

Georgia and Meagan had a blast helping the kids race in the potato sack. They had so much fun. Meagan was even in the potato sack racing the kids.


Carnival Fun 3

There can’t be a carnival without the limbo! This was the kid’s favorite place to be all night.



Flu Season

It is flu season and all of the staff and students at Presentation College know it. Since everyone has been back from Christmas break it has seemed like all the students have been getting sick. If it’s not one of your roommates coughing up a storm it may just be your partner sitting next to you in class sneezing every two minutes. It seems to be extremely hard to get away from all the germs and bacteria in order not to get sick.


There are a few things to keep in mind that might help one from catching the flu. It is always important to wash your hands as much as possible; this will help to avoid catching anything if you touch a doorknob or a desk. With all the coughing and sneezing it is best to try and stay as healthy as possible and do a good job at balancing a good healthy diet and drink plenty of water. Try your best with wearing the proper clothing when it is cold out and never go out with wet hair especially when the weather is in the negatives. Don’t forget to take those Vitamins because that is the best way to prevent catching the flu. However, if you already caught the flu or a cold make sure to be smart about keeping everything to yourself. Never share drinks or food that you have already touched, that is the easiest way to spread germs. Also, when coughing or sneezing, make sure to always cover your mouth and after to wash your hands. It’s also important to wash all your clothes and sheets after you are sick or are starting to feel better, that way you can get rid of all the germs and have a less of a chance of catching it again.


Flu season is never fun especially when it is spreading around campus, just make sure to take good care of yourself and you will have less of a chance catching a cold or the flu.



New to the College Life

Going to school so far from home is never easy, especially if it’s your first year living on your own. I feel that freshman and transfer students always have the hardest time with their first years in college due to the fact that they have never been away from their parents or had to actually start doing things by themselves. Also, moving to a new college that requires you to live on campus or move out of your house is never an easy change. A lot of young adults are always extremely excited when it comes to the first time living without their parents and being more independent until it actually starts to be a reality.


When I first moved from California to South Dakota I was happy to finally be on my own. Little did I know how homesick I was going to get. It was the hardest coming back to school after Christmas break because it was such a short time and being back with my family and friends was so heart warming. It was easier to be away from home during the fall semester because it was soccer season and that kept me busy because I didn’t have so much time on my hands to think about how much I missed them. Now that its spring semester and it’s the offseason I have more time to myself making it a lot harder. I felt like I took advantage of the time I spent with my family and with the weather being so gloomy and cold it makes being away from home difficult.


Feeling homesick is never an easy thing to deal with but if you keep yourself busy and not focus so much on the fact on how far you are away from home it makes it easier to enjoy your time in college.



Surviving Biology


How to survive Biology 101


Chem 2

Don’t be silly, remember those gloves kids!


Chem 3

Last, don’t forget to get down at eye level to check out the meniscus.




Snow Days Are Not Always Fun

Snow days1

It’s always fun to play in the snow until you have to live in it.


Snow days 2

Being from California walking down this path is like a death trap because of the black ice.


Snow Days 3

To some people this is vacation but to me this is home.



The Offseason

Student athlete 1

A few of the soccer girls crushing it at their studies in the library!


Student athlete 2

Women’s Soccer conditioning during the offseason, always trying to improve.


Student athlete 3

Even though she is injured, Melanie Nabity, still shows up to practice and does what she can during the offseason.



The Offseason

Being a student athlete, it is very hard to balance between your sport and school. During the season, athletes are missing classes and not having as much time to dedicate to studies due to practice and games, so, once it came to be the offseason we all thought we would have a break from our sport and have more time to focus on our studies. The women’s soccer team thought wrong, Coach thinks now that we do not have games he would give us more mandatory practices and some days even make two a days meaning that after practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays we would have weight training. We even have indoor practices at night on Tuesdays and Thursdays because that is the only time soccer is allowed to be in the gym.


Having to practice so much, it is important to stay on top of homework and not procrastinate. It is extremely important to put as much work as you do on the field and put it in the classroom because at the end of the day, school always needs to come first. However, it is hard to decide when it is more important to do extra practice for soccer and show your dedication or to sit down, study, and do homework. It has never been easy trying to balance between sports and school because they both are jobs itself but that’s the price you pay when you are a student athlete. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices whether it’s staying up later to get that assignment done and study for a test or putting in the extra time to practice and get better, either way it takes up a lot of time to do both.




Starting a New Job

new job1

Starting a new job can be both stressful and nerve-wracking especially if it’s your first time being a waiter. Becoming a waiter has a lot of demands and is not an easy job, in order to be successful you need to know how the tables are numbered and everything on the menu. It is also important to have good people skills, to know how to interact with different types of personalities, and learn how to handle different types of situations.



New job2

It’s not so easy having everything as clean as this after dropping a costumer’s food on the floor.


New Job3

After having a full house it’s refreshing seeing the restaurant empty like this.



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