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My name is Tatiana Navarro, I’m 20 years old and a Senior here at Presentation College. I’m from beautiful, sunny California, lived there my whole life. I transferred from a Junior College called Palomar College in San Marcos where I completed my General Ed requirements and received my Associates Degree. Basketball is what brought me here to Aberdeen. I have played the sport since I was 7, and I’m so blessed to be able to continue playing the sport I love on a scholarship at this college level.  I’m a Communications major, and would like to pursue the career of being a sports reporter.



WINGS UP, with Jordyn Dekker
Senior Shows Strong Leadership, but the Saints Fall Short

36768390892_25306f8549_oThe Volleyball team was trailing 2-0, but when the third match came around, the team rallied for a comeback. Unfortunately, they came up short in the fourth match that ended the game against Mt. Marty 1-3. Jordyn Dekker led the Saints with 15 kills.


T: Today’s game started off a little slow, but in the third match the team started their comeback, any comment?


Jordyn: Coach A told us in between the second and third set to be more disciplined… I think everyone really focused in on that and worked to get our hands over on blocks and get where we needed to be in the back row. The energy and momentum we got in that set helped a lot, too. We just need to be disciplined right from the start and limit our errors.


T: This is your last year as a senior, what is your personal and team goal for this year?


Jordyn: I think my personal goal is to have more of a blocking presence to help out our back row. My overall team goal this year is to make it back to the conference tournament like we did in my sophomore season.


T: What improvements do you hope to see with your team this season?


J: I think one thing that we can continue to improve on is staying disciplined throughout the whole game — it’s something that Coach A always tells us. When we’re disciplined as a team, we’re more successful both offensively and defensively.


T: What’s your pre-game routine to get focused and ready for games?


J: I don’t really have a set routine before games. I’ll listen to music during the day and do any stretching, heating, or e-stim before warm-ups. I guess I just mentally prepare myself by imagining the game happening and what I need to do to help the team win.


The Saints will be on the road September 1st and 2nd for the Sterling College Tournament in Sterling, Kansas. The ladies will have two games each day playing against, Haskell Indian Nations University, Sterling College, Bethel College, and Central Christian College. Good Luck Saints!



WINGS UP, with Amanda Ochoa
Ochoa Scores 2 Goals in First Home Game


After a 0-2 weekend away from home, the Lady Saints performed strongly on their home field against Mount Marty College. The final score was 6-1, with five different Saints contributing to the score. Amanda Ochoa scored two of the six goals, just six minutes apart.


T: You and the team came off a 0-2 weekend, what made the team come together for today’s win?


Amanda: I think just overcoming the weekend and making sure that we don’t pay attention to the past, and just playing our game today, and I think just having the mindset of paying attention today, that’s what brought us together again.


T: What was your mentality like before today’s game? You scored two goals! Congrats on that.


A: Thank you! I always take every game seriously, not matter what we scored last game, or the game before that. Its always, like, play your hardest every game, for me.


T: What were a couple things in this game that you wished could’ve been a bit better, performance wise, with the team, if anything?


A: Just composure on the ball, we like to rush things sometimes, or we don’t play fast enough. So I think just picking up our heads and looking for the open player instead of making it complicated on ourselves. But other than that I think we have positions filled with the correct players, and we’re getting a hang of it.


T: With this first home game as a win, this is a great confidence booster, don’t you think?


A: Yes, I think so! Hopefully we just keep the momentum going and hopefully get more wins at home and hopefully some away games as well.



The Saints’ next game is on September first, where the ladies will go against Clarke University in Omaha, Nebraska at 4:30.


For pictures from this game go to Presentation’s Flickr Account or copy this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/presentationcollege/with/36084888314/




Partner Yoga

Attempting Partner Yoga Poses I Found on Google

I give us a solid 8.5. . .what do you think?


py1 py2


py3 py4


py5 py6


py7 py8


py9 py10


py11 py12



Thatzza Pizza

Thatzza Pizza is probably the best place to crave your pizza cravings!


20 6 Avenue SW, Aberdeen is the location of yummy pizza


Sooo many options



Italian Fries and Pepperoni Pizza!




Being the oldest of my siblings, I was the first one to go out to college away from home. And to be honest, I was more than ready to leave home and be on my own. But yesterday was my Grandma’s 80th birthday, and when I Facetimed to say happy birthday to her, I saw my whole family on my mom’s side sitting together at this restaurant. They passed the phone around each saying hi to me and asking how I’m doing which was great, but it made me miss each person more and more. After I made my rounds saying my hi’s and byes I felt sick to my stomach and really sad. It was my grandma’s 80th birthday that I missed. She wasn’t going to turn 80 again, and it’s so rare to have my whole family together because of everyone’s schedules. I missed out big time. At the very end, my mom took me to somewhere quiet to talk to me. She has been in the exact same position as I was. When she was my age, she was in Chicago, and was the very first person of her family to be attending college out of state. She understood what I was feeling, but explained that I would still be a part off so many other things.

It sucks once that feeling of homesickness hits you. It feels like one of the worst things in the world. But what I keep in mind, is that I’m preparing myself for a great future, where I will be surrounded by my family and friends. College can be one of the best times of my life, but have many bumps on the road. Looking ahead, I can see myself in 10 years celebrating my grandma’s 90th birthday with the same people who were celebrating with her tonight, plus maybe with a family of my own. That is something to look forward to.



Job Fair to Minneapolis

Last week I went to my first job fair and networking event. I was very excited because I finally had an event where I could wear heels, but I was a bit nervous as well. This job fair was particularly about having a job or internship that was sports related, whether it be in sales, marketing, or business. For me, my goal was to get something along the lines of broadcasting. A variety of sports teams were in attendance. From professional teams to semi-pros to little leagues. On top of that experience, my colleagues and I went to see a NBA game, Timberwolves against the Lakers (woo! Cali!)



6am start to Minneapolis



The Twin Cities



Downtown Minneapolis



Making our way downtown…



Dressed to the nines



I was able to get a sneak peak of where these two teams practice and get Physical Therapy



Some of the gear from players of the NBA and WNBA teams! Towns’s shoes were a size 20! And Maya Moore’s a 12 ½



The Lynx’s Championship Ring. . .what a beauty


 During our free time, we took a small walk downtown and made a few stops for pictures and food.


First Ave Nightclub



Sal’s on Fifth


Dinner is served



On our way back to the hotel for the networking fair, the Los Angeles Lakers were in the middle of entering their charter bus to head out to the game. We saw Metta World Peace, Nick Young, Julius Randle and Timofey Mozgov. 


14 15

Fan-girling. Go Lakers!



It’s all business



Picture with Sasquatch before the game!!



Even though the Lakers lost, we still had a great time



Special thanks to Deb and Andrew for setting this up! Thank YOU!!!



Aberdeen's Humane Society

I volunteered to walk adorable dogs at the center! They were all so cute and they can’t wait to find good homes with great, loving people!



Sunday Afternoon

what my sunday afternoon consisted of today


My Thoughts on the New Beauty and the Beast Film

spoiler alert: i loved it



Road Trip

Went to Minneapolis for a quick weekend during spring break! Check it out and stay tuned for more fun adventures 🙂




Glow Bowling


If you want to go out and do something fun in Aberdeen, here’s a great solution! There’s a bowling alley on 8th Ave named The Village Bowl.

Every Thursday, there is Glow Bowling and students from Presentation College can get in for $1.

Bowling shoes are free with admission



It’s a great idea for a date night



The Bowling Alley was lit brightly



A great night with friends




Bitter Sweet Moment

My basketball season has officially ended for my Junior Year. I feel scared. I only have one more year to play basketball at this level. I mean of course I can continue to play in the gym, but it won’t be the same. It will no longer be a complete commitment. I won’t have practices every day for 4 months, there won’t be any more long road trips to my games, and I won’t have a team to call my family. I am going to stop a routine that I have been doing for more than half of my life, and I have no idea how it’s going to be like.

But knowing that my last year of basketball is coming in close, I want it to be my best year yet. Not just for me, but for my team as well. But one thing I really want to imply is the joy of playing. I want to delete the stress in wanting to score X amount of points, and just play. I want to go out with a bang for my Senior Year, and continue to make my family in California proud. I cannot wait for my Senior Year to come, but at the same time, I want to enjoy the time I have now.



My Adventure of Being Stuck at St. Paul’s Airport the First Time Flying Alone
December 26th in Los Angeles


I recorded my adventure on the lovely Snapchat, which I will now share with you.

First I was just chilling and taking a couple selfies because why not? At the airport waiting for my flight 🙂

My first flight from LA to St. Paul was delayed an hour, which was no bueno, because I only had an hour for a layover for the second flight. Finally I got on the plane, but it took another 20-30 min for it to take off.

When I landed in St. Paul, my flight to Aberdeen was long gone, and I was stranded at the airport for the night until my scheduled flight at 11am the next morning.

Adventure 2

Denny’s at 12am (Dec 27)


I thought I was on the next flight, because the stewardess on my first flight said they would give me, and the other passengers, a seat. They actually put me on the waiting list for the next flight because it was full…


Adventure 3



Adventure 4

Long story short, third time was not the charm


Adventure 5

Killing time until the 11pm flight (which I won’t be able to get on either)


Adventure 6

The struggle was real. Ended up finding this lifesaver in the mattress section at sears.


Adventure 7

My transportation


Adventure 8

Having to stay another night, I was set up with another hotel which took a while for me to get to



Me pretending everything is alright, and secretly loving this room I got. Dec 27.


Adventure 10 Adventure 11 Adventure 12

I went swimming before I had to check out, did my makeup, took selfies and finally finished Gossip Girl. It was a productive day.


Adventure 9

The next day I was guaranteed a flight at 10pm. It was also the day Carrie Fisher passed away. Dec 28


Adventure 13

The time finally came!! Left to the deen…


Adventure 14

Home sweet home at midnight.






The Time that I Almost Lost My Tooth (at age 20)

The only time I would have expected to lose any of my teeth would have been when I was around the ages of 6-10 (which did happen). Losing baby teeth was an exciting time, and I would always be ecstatic once one fell, or was yanked, out of my mouth. Once that milestone passed, I was good. I had braces for 2 ½ years, used whitening strips when thought necessary, and brushed twice a day. Life was good for my teeth.


The sport that I live for is basketball. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Love the feeling when I’m playing, adrenaline flowing through my body, heart pumping hard. It’s so much fun. But I’ve also suffered a lot of injuries while playing too. Knee surgery for an ACL and meniscus tear, 4 months off the court because of that. Severe ankle sprain, 4 weeks off. Bunch of scrapes and bruises. Lots of battle scars. And at one point, it looked like basketball was going to give me a fake tooth in the future.


Big game against Dickinson State, a nationally ranked team, was coming to PC. I was really nervous, but excited for this game. Before I knew it, tip-off time had arrived. And then half time. Come the 4th quarter, it was a close game. Five minutes left, down by four, we were on defense and I saw one of Dickinson’s guards driving to the basket with one of my teammates guarding her. Being on help side, I stepped over to cover the gap to the basket. And then came the elbow to the mouth. First came the pain, and then the freaking out once I felt my tongue hit my front tooth; in a place where it shouldn’t have been.


My trainer was able to pop the tooth back in place, but it was noticeably lower than my other tooth. I was able to find a dentist with emergency hours, and he told me to push the tooth up with cotton to try and put it back in place. He stated my x-rays looked clean, and to just come back in a week to see how my tooth looked.


Fast forward to the next appointment, I came out of the dentist freaking out. I was told that my x-rays showed my tooth’s root was split. Meaning my tooth was going to die very soon, and I would need it pulled out and then given a fake tooth. My funeral for my tooth was a week away. The day came quicker than expected, and when I sat in the chair all I could think of were needles and pain. However, my dentist started off by checking out my tooth, and found it still alive! It was more stable than it was before, even though the x-rays were still the same. I came out of the dentist that day with my tooth still intact, and as happy as ever. Now, my tooth is still a bit lower than its partner, but hey, it’s real.



Should You Be A Waiter for a Job?

No one really enjoys work. . .unless it’s their dream job, I suppose. I’m at the age where I have yet to reach my dream job. (Well, I’d actually really love to be an actress, and that could happen at almost any age.) But as of right now, I am a waitress. Serving other people is something I’m actually good at, which turns out great for me in the end (yay tips!). The days when I make the most money however, are the days where I am at the edge of a panic attack or nervous breakdown.




Because stress. I would like stress to stay in its lane. I always deal with it during school, so it should just stick to one subject. Plus, I can manage stress pretty well with school by setting up a time table and not procrastinating. I mean, I try to manage the stress.


But with waitressing, you can not really plan out what your day will look like. It could be completely dead and you may only get two tables and make 15 bucks (that was me today), or after a hell-havoc day you can come out of the building with $150 and PTSD. It really is unpredictable. Usually Friday and Saturday nights are super busy. But it’s Sunday mornings that are the scariest. It can be dead for the first two hours of your shift and then BAM you’re double seated and fall behind from there and can never catch up. Or, it will start out dead, and end up just as dead. Which is most annoying in my opinion, because I could have been doing homework! Or sleeping.


But what’s scarier than Sunday mornings? Customer’s bills that are huge. Hourly, I’m only paid $4 and some change. I solely rely on tips. My life is tips. The larger the check for a customer, the bigger the tip I expect. But when a customer’s ticket comes out to be $100, or higher, that’s when the butterflies set in. Usually, customers pay 15% as the tip, or higher (which is really nice). But when the expected tip is $15 or more, it’s scary. After paying a big bill, people are not too keen on fishing out more money for a tip. Especially if the tip is more than $5. It’s like playing the lottery. You either win a grand prize, or lose. . .very badly.


There’s something that I call “the middle-child table”. Each time I work, there is always one table that I forget about, and do not give as much attention to as the others. But luckily, those tables have been extremely nice so far and still give me 15%.


But should you be a waiter?

I mean, I guess.




Cali vs. South Dakota Weather; How To Survive

Once I told my dad that I was going to go to school in South Dakota, he told me “You’re going to be in the ‘Little House of the Prairie’ kind of weather.” From what I read, that meant weather so cold that Laura Ingles’ cows were smothered from their own breath, and the blizzards were so thick they had to use rope to guide them from their house to the barn.

So, has that been accurate for the time I have been in the Dakota?

Yes. Yes, it has.

Ok not really. But it feels like it sometimes.

As a Californian native, I have been exposed to almost nothing but sunshine and weather that didn’t dip below the 65 degree line on bad days. It rained pretty rarely. . . which I guess led us into a drought. . .(but it’s ok guys, Cali is almost out of the drought now). Either way, California’s weather is probably always better than Aberdeen’s. There’s something here in the Midwest called wind-chill* and black ice**. From personal experience, neither of those things are fun. So, if you are a newbie to the Midwest, or its weather, here is a guide on what to expect and what to pack.



For the summer, it is pretty much the same as Cali. Nice and warm, and sunny. However, the most annoying things ever are these pesky little insects called mosquitos. THERE ARE SO MANY. Make sure to pack lots of bug spray.



Legit sweater weather!! I was excited when this season came around, and the leaves were so pretty when they changed color! Scarves, sweaters and boots are a must.


Winter (65-50 degrees):

Intense sweater weather and maybe time for a jacket. Beanie’s are optional, but don’t take the gloves out yet. I did that once, and was made fun of by a cashier in Walmart. . .


More Winter (50-32 degrees):

I like layering up in this kind of weather. An extra pair of leggings under my jeans, the combo of a sweater and jacket. And fuzzy socks!


Even More Winter (32-15 degrees):

By this time, it’s most likely snowing. If not. . .that’s global warming for ya. Gloves are now allowed, no one will judge you. Also, it’s not wise to walk outside with wet hair. I like this kind of weather for one reason; snowman building! Also, snow boots are fun to wear. If you wear regular shoes, and not boots, please wear long socks for the sake of your ankles.


I-can’t-feel-my-toes Winter (15-0 degrees):

Your jacket should be Eskimo looking, especially in the single digit weather. The furry hood is super helpful. Also, it starts to hurt to breath because of the cold, so a scarf around your mouth or nose is really nice.


The Negatives -.- (0 to -35 degrees):

I stop at -35 degrees because that’s the lowest temperature I’ve experienced. But either way, if it is any kind of negative degree outside, it’s really not worth stepping outside. Who needs to go to a job when you have a warm bed, right?


Key Words:

*I’ve never experienced such strong winds. People here laugh at 20mph wind while I cry. But basically, it just makes it colder outside than it should be. For example, it’s really 20 degrees outside, but with wind-chill it is 10 degrees.

**When you slip on invisible ice. This ice is very hard to make out in the streets, and has made me had a handful of near-death experiences.






Quiz: What is Your Love Language?

I was introduced to this article that talked about 5 Love Languages. The languages are; Quality Time, Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Gift Giving, and Acts of Service. Your language is the kind of love you want expressed by your partner.


For example, after I took the quiz, I found that my Love Language is Quality Time. I find that when my boyfriend spends more time with me going on walks, sharing life, getting undivided attention, and in general communicating is how I feel loved the most.


I made him take the quiz as well (and he didn’t even argue!) and his love language was Physical Touch. So, for him, nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch, such as a hand on his arm, hugs, or even resting his head on my shoulder.


Single or taken, I think you should try out this quiz 🙂 After you find out what your love language is, the site explains the language. Containing this knew knowledge can help lead you to communicate better with your current or future partner. Here’s the link to the quiz right here: http://www.5lovelanguages.com/




Stop with the New Year's Resolutions

I think it is time to call quits on New Year’s Resolutions. I mean how often do people actually follow up on their resolutions? Not very often. A year is a very long time to accomplish a handful of goals. It just isn’t worth it.


But who am I kidding? No one will just stop a tradition that’s been happening for thousands of years (no joke). Instead, I’ve thought of a way to help you become more successful with your resolutions.


Note: This is only for people who really want to accomplish their resolutions!!


I propose the idea of monthly resolutions. It takes about 21 days to either break or create a habit. Think of one thing you would want to improve on for each month- so at the end of the year, you have accomplished 12 goals; 12 good habits. Maybe add some side goals that you know won’t take much effort with your main one.

To show an example, here are my monthly resolutions for the first several months for this year.


January; The Month of Quitting the Night Owl and Becoming an Early Bird

Side Goal: Stop the Procrastination (But I’ll talk about that later on…)


Since procrastination is the main reason to why I don’t go to sleep early enough (hello Twitter. . . I mean homework) these two goals would work perfectly together. Plus, looking at any screen (TV, computer, tablet, cellphone, etc.) calls for a harder time to go to sleep. It’s advised to avoid looking at any screens an hour before bedtime! (Besides, dark eye bags are no bueno) Having a hard time to go to sleep? Let’s pull out one of those things called books 😉


February; The Month of Meal Planning Healthy Foods


Eating healthy has always been a priority. But one thing that is an obstacle is TIME. Running late? Get some fast food. That seems to be the main problem. For this month, my goal will be to cut the fast food runs, and instead go on food shopping runs maybe once or twice every two weeks. Every Sunday, I’ll plan out the week’s meals. And since I should be in the habit of waking up earlier than usual, the day of I will make the meals in the morning (hi crockpot meals!) or just put the easy recipe together that night.


March; The Month of Working Out EVERY Weekday


Spring Break is just around the corner by this time of the year 😉 Of course a beach body is on the top of the list, but this year around, it’s time to keep the cycle spinning. Every day I plan to work out for one hour, or, if I’m in a rush, a high intensity workout for a half hour. With my habit of eating healthy food, and now exercising five times a week, a healthy and fit body is just beyond the horizon.


April; The Month of Becoming Organized AF


Organization has been the biggest challenge to me. I’m a semi-organized person. I look organized on the outside, but other than that my life is a mess. Starting with the small things will definitely build up to making the biggest difference. So, to start off, I’m planning on making my bed first thing after I wake up, and before I go to sleep, pick up my room. As that habit develops, in the continuing months I will add on more organized habits as side goals.


May; The Month of Less Social Media…or Internet

Side Goal: Read More BOOKS! <3


Yes, social media is a wonderful and glorious invention. But what else could you be doing instead of refreshing your feed again. Now, I’m not saying to quit this addiction, just lower your intake. For me, I used to be a huge bookworm. My plan is to start carrying a book around (I know, I know, what a NERD) and when I get bored, pull out the book instead of my phone. Reading more= more vocabulary!


I believe in you! If you really want to get rid of some bad habits in your life, give this method a try!


~*Tatiana*~ 🙂