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My name is Avery Hamilton Jr, I’m from Inglewood Ca. Born and raised in LA my whole life. I’ve been attending Presentation College for almost three years. Majoring in communication. I’m a student assistant coach for PC men’s basketball team. Once I receive my B.A from Presentation College, I plan to attend grad school the following year.



Super Bowl LI was one for the ages. In my opinion, was probably the best Super Bowl I ever witness first hand. It was the Atlanta Falcons VS the New England Patriots. There was a lot of hype leading up to the game. The number one offense in the NFL which was the Falcons versus the number one scoring defense which was the Patriots. Matt Ryan the quarterback of the Falcons was the M.V.P of the regular season that year. Tom Brady had a lot of issues leading up to the year. Suspended first four games of the year, because of deflate gate.

Falcons was new to that kind of spotlight, to play on the biggest stage of the year was very huge for them. They had to been to one Super Bowl prior to that. Now for the Patriots they were used to this. Tom Brady considered to be one of the best players to ever play the game already won four Super Bowl prior to Super Bowl LI. Leading up the game Patriots had a slight edge over the Falcons. Even on betting sites, they had the Patriots winning the game by three.

Early minutes of the game the Falcons took control with a five-yard touchdown run by Devonta Freeman to take 7-0 run. On the next drive Falcons scored again with a 19-yard touchdown pass to tight end to Austin Hooper from Matt Ryan. Falcons took it to the Patriots in the first half 21-3. Second half started and Falcons scored again and now its 28-3 and I’m thinking the game is over. But there’s a reason why Tom Brady is the best to ever do it.

As the game goes on we started to see the Patriots take a little momentum the score is now 28-12 after a field goal by kicker Gostkowski. Next thing you know 28-20 with 5:56 minutes. Patriots then tied the game up 28-28 after a one-yard touchdown run and a two-point conversion by Danny Amendola. The game went into overtime.

Patriots got the ball the first in overtime and that’s all they needed. To win the game LeGarrette Blount ran for a 1-yard touchdown and won the game. What a game!



Happy birthday to my brotha Cam!

R.I.P 3Lord








My Favorite Places to go in Los Angeles


Winnie The Pooh Star on Hollywood Blvd



Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant: Santa Monica Pier



In N Out Burger



Santa Monica Pier



My Favorite Things About Aberdeen


Java City: Mocha Javalanche



Palm Garden



Sunset Drink




I have a thing for collecting sneakers. My mom calls me a hoarder because I own so many pairs of sneakers. I just love the fact that I can switch it up from time to time. I used to own 200 pairs of sneakers but a lot of them I had bought multiple pairs of the same shoe. I wear Jordan’s, Nike, Reebok, Pumas, New Balance, and Asics. I own a few pair of Adidas but I am just not a big fan of their shoes, expect for the Yeezys, which I do not own a pair of.

I started collecting shoes my sophomore year of high school. It started off with me wearing Nike Dunks and Nike SB’s.  To this day they are still my favorite shoes. My favoritism started growing when I started buying retro Jordan’s. Next thing you know I didn’t have enough room in my closet to put my sneakers.  By the time I was a senior in high school I owned about 60 pairs of shoes. I had a few friends that worked at shoes stores, so instead of me standing in line to get the shoes, I just had my friends save me a couple of pairs of the same shoe. The reason for that is I’ll buy a pair for me to wear and I’ll buy the same pair a different size like 11 or 12, a common shoe size and sell them.

As I got older I started buying more Reeboks and Pumas because I can’t wear Js and Nikes everywhere, I still have shoes that I haven’t worn or even put my foot in. There are some shoes that I’ve bought that I forgot I had in my closet. My favorite shoe that I bought and own is my Galaxy Foamposite. Never worn them, maybe in the next year or so I’ll take them out the vault.




This weekend, NBA All Star week was terrible. The actual all-star game wasn’t that spectacular either. It started with the celebrity game, they just need to get rid of that all together, It’s pointless and super boring to watch and not entertaining at all. I would rather watch paint dry than watch that game. The World Vs USA game is pretty cool to watch. It’s all the young players in league, usually first and second year players that play in this game. The World team is made up with international NBA players that are born and from different countries and the USA team is made up with NBA players that are born in the United States. This game is like a warm up before the actual all-star game. It’s a very high scoring game and filled with highlights.

The skill challenge was whatever, a 7’0 foot forward Kris Porzingis won it. Which was surprising. Now the three point challenge was very entertaining. To me it was the best event of the all-star weekend. Eric Gordon won the event. Now the dunk contest is usually the most hype event. Everybody looks forward to the dunk contest. Derrick Jones Jr is who I had winning it. Let’s just say he fell a little short, Glen Robinson III won the event. He literally did the same dunk three times in a row and won. This year’s dunk contest was terrible. It was like an aggressive lay up line. Players were out there missing dunks and the crowd wasn’t into it anymore.

The actual all-star game was whatever. Yes it was filled with a lot of highlights but there was no defense being played and it was lobs after lobs after lobs. It was like watching a pick up game. Anthony Davis won the MVP of the all-star game. He had 52 points and 10 rebounds.



57 Points

I have been playing and watching basketball for over 10 years, so I have seen a decent amount of basketball games over my lifetime. Games tend to blend together, but there are certain games that I will never forget. Whether it is taking over in OT to get a win at LA Trade Tech or watching Lebron score 25 straight points against the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals.

On January 7, 2017, I witnessed another game that will forever be ingrained in my mind. Donnell Minton’s 57-point performance at Waldorf was the best individual scoring performance I have ever witnessed firsthand. The crazy thing about this performance is that he easily could’ve had 60 or 70 points. Every bucket seemed effortless. He played every minute (50!) of a double overtime game and I’m not sure he even broke a sweat. I have coached Donnell for the last 2 years, so I knew he was capable of this, but watching him actually single handedly take over a game was unreal. After a frustrating loss at Viterbo the previous night, I sat him down at the hotel and had a talk with him about being more aggressive scoring the ball. Despite being the 3rd leading scorer in the nation and having the ability to score any way imaginable, he can be unselfish for stretches, so our talk was mainly about keeping his foot on the gas and attacking for an entire game.

Donnell came out and attacked from the opening tip until the final buzzer in the second overtime. How someone has the physical stamina to not only be on the floor for 50 straight minutes, but also be the primary scorer for 50 straight minutes is beyond my comprehension. Although we didn’t end up getting the win, this game will forever stick out in my basketball memory bank.



Getting Used to Aberdeen

I’ve been living in Aberdeen for the past two and a half years now. I started attending Presentation College in the fall of 2014. I’m from Inglewood, California and lived in Los Angeles my whole life. The only time I been outside of California is when I went to Las Vegas and Mexico, prior to me leaving for South Dakota.


Moving to Aberdeen was a culture shock. It’s a small town compared to Los Angeles. The weather here is brutal especially in the winter. It gets negative degrees and snow was something I knew nothing about. I’ve never felt or seen snow till I got to South Dakota. It’s nothing like what I expected. I used to see snow in movies or on TV and thought it was all soft and fluffy, I thought wrong, snow is basically ice.


My first year out here was terrible. I caught the flu twice in the winter and my body got bit up by mosquitos at the beginning of the school year. I wasn’t prepared for either one. For the mosquitos I didn’t invest in any bug spray and when I did it was too late, I already had all the bug bites. For the winter, I didn’t have proper attire, didn’t have boots, gloves, or beanies. I thought a jacket and sweats was all I needed, well I was wrong and quickly started buying a lot of winter gear.


Now that I have been here for two and half years, I’m used to everything, the dry heat in the summer, the terrible winter, and the small quiet town. Once I graduate, back to LA I go.


PC Men’s Basketball’s Huge Win Over Bellevue University

Presentation College Men’s Basketball had a huge win against 19th ranked Bellevue on Friday. This win for PC was needed to regain their confidence. The last six conference games have been a struggle for PC. Losing close games due to poor execution during the stretch and missed free throws, two things that we can control. Leading up to this game we felt very confident in our game plan and had the right mind set going into the game. We all knew how important this game was to us, not only to regain our confidence, but also to beat a top 25 team so we can make the conference tournament. This game was won by great defense, great team effort, and great execution.


It was a well-balanced game by the team, Donnell Minton finished with 17 points and 7 rebounds, Eli Valdez added 15 points, Aaron Samuel had 15 points and 9 rebounds, and young sophomore Bryan Jones had 10 points. Presentation played stellar defense late in the game to get a secure lead, they pretty much led the whole second half. After the game, the locker room was “lit,” players and coaches were very excited about the win. Celebrating, players were dancing around listening to music with smiles across their faces. Now with five conference games left, Presentation College’s focus is to finish strong and go on a win streak so we can enter the conference tournament with the momentum on our side. Teams will be scared to play us. Our ultimate goal is reach the national tournament in Branson, Missouri.