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PC Alumni Insurance Program


Did you know that Presentation College sponsors an Alumni Insurance Program as a service to our graduates? The program offers a variety of attractively priced insurance products, most of which are available to alumni, students, faculty and staff, as well as their spouses, domestic partners, parents, children, and siblings:

  • Auto, Home & Renters Insurance Special rates are available to alumni and family members living in the same household.
  • Life Insurance Long-term protection with great rates and fantastic features. Coverage is available from $10,000 to $50 million.
  • Travel Insurance Travel Medical and Trip Protection coverage is available for individuals or groups, for personal or business travel.
  • Health Insurance ACA-compliant coverage is available through our private health insurance exchange.  Short-term coverage is also available for those with a temporary need.
  • Long Term Care Insurance Protect your assets from serious erosion while allowing access to quality care in the most appropriate and desirable setting.
  • Pet Insurance Simple, customizable dog and cat insurance plans are available.
  • Special Event Insurance Liability coverage up to $2 million is available for events lasting from a few hours to as much as 10 days.
  • Advisory Services A licensed insurance professional is available, at no charge, to answer questions and provide customized guidance.

  Identity Theft and Taxes: What to Expect

We’re pleased to announce that Identity Theft Protection is now available through our Alumni Insurance Program just in time for tax season. Thanks to large data breaches in 2017, individuals can now add a new worry to their tax routine: hoping that someone hasn’t already filed on their behalf. Tax Identity theft has become so prevalent and persistent that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) declared a Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week. Click here to learn more about how to protect your identity – now with special pricing for alumni and their families.



Is Pet Insurance Really Worth It?

We want the best for our pets, but when injuries and illnesses happen, unexpected treatment costs can quickly add up – often into the thousands of dollars. Last year, pet owners in the U.S. spent over $17 billion on veterinary care. That may include regular checkups and preventative care, but it also includes emergency vet costs. And according to pet adoption site Petfinder, dog owners should be prepared to pay up to $2,000 – or more – for emergency visits.

  • In addition to insurance for the humans in your household, our Alumni Insurance Program offers coverage for your favorite furry family members through Petplan, a company consistently recognized as a top rated pet insurance provider. [Learn More]
  • A pet’s injury or illness can take a severe financial toll. A “simple” ear infection can easily end up costing $2,000, with treatments for more serious ailments like cancer running upwards of $5,000. Pet insurance helps you manage these unexpected veterinary bills. If your pet has an accident or becomes ill, you’ll be reimbursed for care.
  • Pet insurance premiums are based on your individual pet’s breed, age, and the cost of veterinary care in your area (almost all policies exclude pre-existing conditions). Many people opt for pet insurance when their pet is young and premiums are lower. Petplan’s coverage even includes congenital, hereditary and chronic conditions as standard.
  • Petplan offers a variety of deductible and co-payment options to choose from, and there are no provider restrictions – you can see any vet you choose. Filing a claim is easy. Unlike your health insurance coverage, you pay the vet directly and submit your itemized receipt to the pet insurance company for reimbursement.
  • As helpful and comforting as pet insurance might seem, you may still be wondering whether it’s really worth the price. We say YES! Nothing feels worse than having to forego the care your pet may need. With pet insurance, you’ll never need to decide between your pet’s care and your wallet. For more information and a free quote, visit our Alumni Insurance Program website

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Note:  Some products may not be available in South Dakota

For more information visit or contact the program administrator (Meyer and Associates) at 800-635-7801.

PC Alumni Insurance Program