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PC Alumni Insurance Program


Did you know that Presentation College sponsors an Alumni Insurance Program as a service to our graduates? The program offers a variety of attractively priced insurance products, most of which are available to alumni, students, faculty and staff, as well as their spouses, domestic partners, parents, children, and siblings:

  • Auto, Home & Renters Insurance Special rates are available to alumni and family members living in the same household.
  • Life Insurance Long-term protection with great rates and fantastic features. Coverage is available from $10,000 to $50 million.
  • Travel Insurance Travel Medical and Trip Protection coverage is available for individuals or groups, for personal or business travel.
  • Long Term Care Insurance Protect your assets from serious erosion while allowing access to quality care in the most appropriate and desirable setting.
  • Identity Theft Protection Protect yourself and your family against identity theft with a comprehensive solution you can count on.
  • Accidental Death Insurance Covers you 24 hours a day, every day of the year, worldwide. The more active you are, the more important it is for you to consider Accidental Death insurance.
  • Pet Insurance Simple, customizable dog and cat insurance plans are available.
  • Special Event Insurance Liability coverage up to $2 million is available for events lasting from a few hours to as much as 10 days.
  • Small Business Insurance We offer an all-in-one simple solution that includes a selection of plans, employee enrollment, and ongoing administration.
  • Telehealth Talk to a doctor any time, anywhere. Physicians are available 24/7 with no limit on the time of consultation or frequency of calls—and there are no co-pays or deductibles.
  • Advisory Services A licensed insurance professional is available, at no charge, to answer questions and provide customized guidance.


For more information visit or contact our program administrator (Meyer and Associates) at 800-635-7801.




Open Enrollment

Obtaining health care coverage in this country is still a confusing process for many of us. This year, Open Enrollment starts November 1st and ends on December 15th, but what is it, exactly? And who is it for? Here are some pointers so you can understand your options.

What is Open Enrollment? It’s the period during which individuals can sign up for health insurance on the open market, such as through a state exchange or Shoppers can choose among different tiers of service and prescription coverage, and every applicant is guaranteed coverage, even if the enrollee has a preexisting condition. Each state has its own rules and regulations, so there are different options at different prices depending upon where you live.   LEARN MORE

Who needs Open Enrollment? Open Enrollment is not relevant for those covered through an employer, but Open Enrollment is for the millions of people not covered at work.

  • Never had health insurance? You can sign up during the enrollment period.
  •  Want to switch plans? This is your chance.
    If you already have insurance and don’t want to change, you don’t have to do anything.


What is the ACA? The ACA is the Affordable Care Act. Some call it “ObamaCare.”

When is Open Enrollment? This year, Open Enrollment is November 1st through December 15th. Signing up during the Open Enrollment period will provide coverage effective in January 2019.

What is a Special Enrollment Period? If you have had a “qualifying life event” (or QLE) you do not have to wait until Open Enrollment to purchase health insurance, regardless of the time of year. The full list of QLEs is here, and here are the four basic categories:

1. Loss of health coverage: This could be losing coverage from a change in employment, the end of a student plan, or hitting 26 and no longer being covered under a parent’s plan .
2. Household change: Marriage or divorce, adding a family member through birth or adoption, a death in the family.
3. Change in residence: Moving to a different ZIP code or county (this can include students), moving to or from a shelter or other transitional housing.
4. Other qualifying events: Change in your income that affects the coverage you qualify for, becoming a U.S. citizen, leaving jail or prison.

Where can I find more info? Look to , a health insurance specialist, or individual insurance companies for specific plans and prices.

What’s next? Be prepared for this year’s Open Enrollment or your Special Enrollment Period by noting the deadlines, your typical heath care usage, names of important doctors you’d like in your network, and by fine-tuning your budget and whether you prefer a higher deductible with lower premiums or a lower

Note:  Some products may not be available in South Dakota

For more information visit or contact the program administrator (Meyer and Associates) at 800-635-7801.

PC Alumni Insurance Program