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Is there an application deadline?

Many scholarship deadlines require acceptance to the College prior to application.

Is there an application fee?

There is a non-refundable $25.00 application fee. You may apply here or by requesting a paper copy from the Admissions Office.

How long does it take to process an application for admission?

As soon as PC receives your application and application fee the admissions process begins. Refer to the application checklist to be sure all documents are submitted. You will then be notified of your admissions status within two weeks.

What is the average enrollment?

Enrollment at Presentation College as of Fall 2014 is 735 students. This number includes all campuses and PC Virtual programs.

What is the minimum grade point average and ACT scores required for admission to the College?

Presentation College requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale and a composite ACT score of 18 (SAT 860). Scores below that may be eligible for acceptance on a probational status.

Will the college accept the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or consider a home-school program?

Presentation College will accept the GED and students who are schooled at home. See the application checklist for more information.

What are the transfer admission requirements?

A student may be admitted from any accredited college, university, or technical school. All college credits completed with a grade of C or above will be evaluated for acceptance to the College. The Registrar and appropriate Department Chair(s) or Vice President of Academics, will approve the application of transfer credits for specific Presentation College courses. More information about transfer credits and transcript evaluations may be obtained through the College Catalog or your Admissions Representative.

What are the international student requirements?

International students must provide the Admissions Office with the following: A completed application form, non-refundable $25 application fee, TOEFL score (all international applicants whose primary language is not English must take the TOEFL and request the results be sent to Presentation College; PC’s TOEFL code is 6582) and completed declaration and certification of finances form. International applicants are advised to begin application procedures at least six months in advance of anticipated enrollment. Applicants who have post-secondary transcripts and request consideration of credits earned for acceptance must submit the transcripts to a translation company in the United States for an academic evaluation. The cost of the evaluation is the responsibility of the student. International students must also request their TOEFL results be sent directly to Presentation College. Students must achieve a score of 500 on the paper and pencil version or 65 on the internet-based version. Please refer to the online College Catalog for more detailed information.

Does the College offer a dual-credit program?

Presentation College provides the high school student, whose academic performance is exemplary, the opportunity to enroll in college coursework while still attending high school.  A high school student is accepted into designated courses on the basis of recommendation from a high school official.

How many majors and degrees are offered?

Presentation College offers 26 different programs through campuses in Aberdeen, Fairmont,  as well  PC Virtual programs.  Program offerings vary by campus.

Will the college honor Advanced Placement (AP) or CLEP courses?

Yes, although certain scores do apply.  CLEP Tests are offered through the Career Learning Center.  Contact your Admissions Representative for further information.

How many courses are considered full time?

Full-time coursework is considered 12-18 credits.  If you wish to exceed 18 credits, you must have the recommendation of the faculty advisor, written approval from the Academic Dean, and a 3.00 cumulative GPA.

Does the College offer tutoring services?

Presentation College offers tutoring services through the Career Learning Center  free of charge for all students.  If necessary, additional accommodations are available through the Office of Disability Services.

Are academic scholarships available?

Presentation College offers a variety of academic scholarships, including our Merit Scholarships, automatically awarded based upon GPA and ACT scores.

How long does it take to graduate?

Depending on the program of study, PC students usually complete their degrees within two to four years.  Presentation College does allow some flexibility in scheduling in order for students to stay on track and graduate in a timely fashion.

What major agencies accredit the college?

Presentation College is accredited by Higher Learning Commission of The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  In addition, the NursingSocial WorkRadiologic TechnologyMedical Assisting, and Surgical Technology programs are accredited by additional outside agencies.

What is the faculty to student ratio?

Presentation College’s student to faculty ratio is 12:1.

Does the school offer student housing?

Presentation College students live in our Student Suites located in Aberdeen.  For specific information about the Suites, as well as additional facts about student life, check out Student Services.

In what intercollegiate sports does the school participate?

Presentation College female athletes compete in volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, and golf.  Male athletes compete in soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and golf. All sports are available in Aberdeen.

In what athletic association, division, and conferences does the College participate?

Presentation College competes in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and is a member of the North Star Athletic Association (NSAA).

What general athletic facilities are available to students? (Aberdeen Campus)

The Strode Activity Center, built in 1998, is home to Saints athletics.  PC soccer is played on the Saints field located on the north side of campus. Baseball is played at Fossum Field and softball at Manor Park, both within the city of Aberdeen.  Saints football is played at Aberdeen Central High School’s Swisher Field.

What are current expenses for tuition, room, board?

Tuition for the 2013-2014 school year is $18,710 for full-time enrollment.  Housing is available at the Aberdeen campus in the Student Suites.  The cost of living in the Suites is $5,600 and meals plans range are $3,090.

Detailed Tuition and Fee Information (pdf)

Does out-of-state tuition apply?

Since Presentation College is a private institution, tuition is the same for all students regardless of permanent residence.

How do I apply for financial aid?

Students can apply for financial aid by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Complete your FAFSA online at

How will I know when my tuition payment is due?

Students are expected to meet their financial responsibilities to the College on a semester basis.  Registration for successive semesters is dependent on the student having cleared his or her account prior to the next semester start date.  Full payment is required on or before the first day of each semester.  The balance due is calculated based on term charges and financial aid expected.  Completed financial aid certifying that all educational costs will be satisfied is accepted in lieu of cash payment.  If a student fails to make payment at the specific time with no signed payment agreement, the student may be administratively withdrawn from the College.  A late payment fee may be charged to all accounts not paid in full by the first day of the term.  Presentation College offers a payment plan option which also must be established before the first day of classes.

Will the College accept payment by credit card?

You are able to pay any tuition fees via credit card.

What is the refund policy?

Any student who wishes to withdraw from a registered course and receive an account adjustment must initiate the necessary paperwork with the student’s academic advisor prior to the publicized add/drop refund period.  The account balance, based on all adjustments, will be refunded to the student or a bill will be sent to the student for payment.  If a student wishes to withdraw after the publicized deadline for refund, no adjustments will be made to the student’s account or financial aid award.  A student who wishes to withdraw from the College must contact their academic advisor.  Presentation College performs a prorated calculation of tuition and fees earned for those federal financial aid, state aid, personal aid, and institutional aid recipients who withdraw from all classes during the first 60% of each semester.


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