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Welcome Weekend

Fall 2015 Orientation

Welcome Weekend for the 2015-2016 academic year will take place on August 21st through the 24th on the Aberdeen campus. Details to come!


Is Orientation required for all students?

Yes, all entering first-year students are required to attend all Orientation events. During Orientation, students will be made aware of resources on campus, have a chance to ask questions they might have about Presentation College, become better acquainted with the Presentation College community, receive their student ID cards, and also finalize registration for classes. Students will be expected to attend the full schedule of events. Students who do not stay for the full schedule will be unable to finalize registration.

Is Orientation required for parents?

While it is not required, we highly encourage parents to participate in the events on the first day of Welcome Weekend, move-in day. These events include student validation, the Commissioning Ceremony and a family picnic. The Commissioning Ceremony is a formal welcoming ceremony we hold in our Chapel. Students and their families are officially welcomed to campus at this time. We also offer a great program for parents with information designed especially for parents about Presentation College and the transition to college. It is also a great opportunity to meet other parents or family members.

Will I be with my parents/son or daughter during Orientation?

Parents can be with their son/daughter during Orientation events on Saturday, August 24th. There will be time to get settled into your Suites, run errands to purchase last minute items together and to visit all of the offices on campus to make sure everything is in order for the start of the school year. The parents program is an event geared toward only parents. We encourage parents to attend the Commissioning Ceremony and family picnic with their son/daughter. The evening family picnic is where families will say their goodbyes and part ways for the rest of the Orientation. The remainder of the Orientation schedule is geared toward students only and there will not be time for parents and children to be together.

Where do I go for Welcome Weekend?

Check-in for Welcome Weekend will be located in the Strode Activity Center. Please refer to the campus map  for better instructions.

What do I need to bring to my Orientation session?

Please bring your laptop that meets the College’s minimum specifications