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The Experience

The medical coding specialist program is a one-year certificate program that’s delivered 100 percent online. You’ll learn just how critical a role coding specialists play in the success of the health care office and develop expertise in converting complex medical descriptions into numeric or alphanumeric codes that are necessary for reimbursement to physicians, hospitals, and other health care settings.


The Opportunities

As a student in the medical coding specialist program you’ll engage in extensive hands-on training, developing your skills with coding manuals and encoding software. You’ll work on real-world cases that involve medical coding, as well as training on managing medical records, filing claims, and preparing insurance forms. And you’ll be guided by seasoned faculty who bring valuable experience and relevant insights on how coding impacts quality management, marketing, planning, and financial flow in the health care setting.


The Results

Graduates of the medical coding specialist program will have earned their one-year certificate and are encouraged to obtain their national certification through the AAPC. The program is ideal as a stand-alone certificate for those looking to enter the field or as a way for current health care professionals to enhance their skill set.

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