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The Experience

Your learning experience in the management program will be characterized by personal attention and advising from faculty, relevant hands-on learning opportunities, and the completion of a valuable internship. Faculty in the program bring years of experience as managers, and many still are highly successful business professionals outside of their roles at Presentation. You’ll explore such areas as accounting, finance, business communications, marketing, human resources, organizational theory, and many others.


The Opportunities

You’ll find a wealth of engaging and interesting learning opportunities as a student in the management program. Students in the program develop business plans, create an e-portfolio that will feature their work, and immerse themselves in the study of the kind of managerial and life skills it takes to succeed in today’s business world. All students complete at least one internship during their time in the program, and you can customize your plan of study by minoring in areas like finance, agricultural business, or health services administration.


The Results

Our top priority in the management program is to empower students so that they’re ready to manage a successful business after earning their degree. There is virtually no limit to the types of businesses and organizations our graduates are prepared to lead. And with such close, personalized relationships and advising they get from faculty, graduates benefit from an instant network of professional connections that can pay dividends throughout their careers.

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