Our Program

Few programs encapsulate the idea of interdisciplinary learning—the blending of a rich diversity of academic areas—as American studies. The American studies program at Presentation offers an exciting, well-rounded exploration of American history and culture that forms a foundation for advanced study or a career in any number of professions.



The Experience

The American studies program will expose you to political, intellectual, religious, historical, social, economic, and folklore scholarship. Students benefit from course work specifically designed to build the kind of marketable skills that graduate schools and employers are looking for. And with an average class size in the program of just 12 students, you’ll gain an abundance of individualized instruction and engage in active and dynamic classroom discussions.


The Opportunities

Students in the American studies program regularly travel throughout the region and country to attend professional and academic conferences. You’ll find opportunities to work closely with faculty on meaningful research projects, and many students present their findings at conferences. In fact, a paper written by one American studies student recently earned an award at a major conference. And you’ll be guided by nationally respected faculty, including one of the country’s leading experts on Native American and upper plains history.


The Results

Few areas of study deliver as diverse a range of professional opportunities as American studies. While many of our students move on to graduate school after they earn their degree, others enter the professional world in many different fields. A degree in American studies can lead to careers in law, history, geography, anthropology, public history, education, social work, broadcasting, and many more.

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