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Rho Xi Officers and Minutes

Office Name Term
President Deb Heine  2015-2017
President Elect  2015-2017
Vice President Kelsie Lemmon  2015-2017
Secretary Janice Noonan  2015-2017
Treasurer Susan Sueltz  2015-2017
Counselor Rhonda Hoven  2015-2017
Counselor Nancy Hartung  2015-2017
Counselor TBD  2015-2017
Vice President Fairmont TBD  2015-2017
Committee Members
Governance: Margie Washnok – Chair
Diana Hayes
Shantelle Wade
Marlys Volzke
Leadership Succession: Barb Goehring
Audra Heidenreich
Research: Margie Washnok
Deb Davies
Linda Erlenbusch
Jan Reich
Mary Eagle Staff
Awards: Deb Heine
Linda Burdette

Meeting Minutes


Minutes fro Rho Xi minutes can be requested by contacting the RhoXi Secretary named above.