Minors Available

Agricultural Business Management

With an agricultural business minor from Presentation College you will gain insight about the economic structure of the food and fiber system. Whether you plan to pursue a career in lending, consulting, sales, or running your own business, the agricultural business minor provides a foundation and broad understanding of marketing techniques, livestock /grain commodities, financing, and the economics of agriculture.


Like our biology major, this minor focuses on the study of biology and discovery of the natural world—its functions and its possibilities. The biology program at Presentation is a vibrant, hands-on learning experience that will prepare you for a broad range of advanced educational and professional opportunities.

Business Essentials

A minor in business essentials provides a broad-based business knowledge and skill base that pairs well with many PC majors. Whether you plan on majoring in one of the many allied healthcare fields, nursing, American studies or even criminal justice, the business essentials minor provides a fundamental understanding of the structure of business and the operation of the market-place. The minor serves as an introduction to the terms, concepts, and nomenclature of business, as well as provides a basic knowledge about the functional areas of business and how they are integrated for strategic decision-making.

A minor in coaching prepares students interested in pursuing coaching for a variety of roles in the profession. The minor includes study of the physical, social, medical and psychological elements of coaching athletics. This minor pairs perfectly with many of Presentation College’s bachelor degrees.


Like our communication major, this minor provides career options in various fields equipping students with essential speaking, writing, interpersonal, critical thinking, and technology skills that promote ideas that inspire action and change.

Corporate Recreation/Fitness

This minor is designed to prepare individuals for a corporate or community–based position requiring basic exercise programming and personal training skills. If you are looking at either running or owning a fitness center or recreation business this may be a perfect minor to pair with one of PC’s majors.

Criminal Justice

Like our criminal justice major, this minor, more than anything, is about helping people and keeping communities safe. The criminal justice program at Presentation offers a comprehensive approach to learning the principles of the profession, as well as robust opportunities for hands-on training.


A minor in Finance provides a student with a basic foundation in financial management, along with an understanding of financial markets, analysis, and investments.

Health Services Administration

The minor in health services administration combines policy, business and science in managing the human and fiscal resources needed to deliver effective public health services.


Like our management major, this minor prepares students to become managers and leaders. The program also  encourages creativity, innovative solutions, strategic thinking, and character. The management program at Presentation blends the necessary, solid foundation in core business principles with aspects related to technology, ethics, and the ability to connect on a human level.


The nutrition minor at PC focuses on the effects of diet on lifestyle and how a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle habits can have a detrimental impact on long-term health, life span and quality of life.


Like our psychology major, this minor focuses on the study of the mind and is a field that brings together the knowledge gained from that study with the desire to help those struggling with mental and emotional issues. The psychology program at Presentation delivers a solid foundation in the study of psychology and emphasizes the value and dignity of each individual.

Religious Studies

With a religious studies minor, students develop the knowledge and skills they will need for contemporary Catholic/Christian service. Students are also better equipped to meet the challenges encountered in church ministry, denominational leadership, missions, or education. Religious studies at Presentation College is a program that covers foundational subject areas that provide you with a firm knowledge base essential to being successful in your chosen career path.


Sports and Wellness


Sports Psychology


Women and Children’s Global Issues

The Women and Children’s Global Issues minor is an interdisciplinary program encompassing the global violence, and other issues women and children face worldwide. The program is committed to a multicultural curriculum that sustains and integrates diverse perspectives.