Student Internships

An important aspect of your education as a business student at Presentation College is an internship experience. The faculty work with you to set up an internship that best suits your career goals so you get the chance to experience what it is like to be in the ‘real’ business world, and get a chance to put your classroom skills to work and make valuable contacts and networking opportunities.

Hands-On Experience

Getting students into meaningful settings in which they can apply what they’ve learned is at the heart of our mission in the Business Department. We provide more internship opportunities than we have students to fill them, most of which are paid. Our sports facilities class regularly visits newly built facilities including stadiums and the YMCA to learn directly from the professionals who designed and built them. And students participate in programs like Mike’s Bikes, in which groups manage a virtual company, gaining essential applied knowledge and skills.

Expert Faculty

Faculty in the Business Department are respected experts in their fields and offer invaluable professional experience and insights to our students. One of our business law instructors is a retired judge. A sports administration instructor runs his own summer business and has led 30 area sports teams. And faculty in our agriculture management program actually run their own family farm and bring students there to intern. This blend of real-world acumen and excellence in teaching results in a vibrant, fulfilling learning experience.

Meet the Faculty