Camden Thomas

“Being able to intern with the Presentation College Advancement team really helped me learn more about what it takes to market a business to other people. I was able to sit in on meetings, learn how to make ads, and learn how certain types of businesses run on a day-to day-basis. Now that I am an Admissions Counselor at PC, the skills that I learned during my internship really helped me land on my feet in the real world.”

– Camden Thomas, PC Marketing Intern

Aleijah Tomlinson

“Working at United Way was one of the best experiences of my life. It truly showed me what it is like to join the work force and has given me an optimistic feeling about my future. I hope that everyone gets a chance to experience the mentoring that I did while I was interning there.”

–  Aleijah Tomlinson, United Way Intern

Tatiana Navarro

So far this internship has been great, and it means a lot to me because I am experiencing how to live by myself in the “real world”. On the professional side, I am learning not only about my future profession, but about 3 other kinds of professions too. This cross training is valuable, and I’m thankful that I am taking all of it to my resume.”

– Tatiana Navarro, Duluth Huskies Baseball

Where else do our Saints intern?

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