Lauren Zapata

“The relationship between students and faculty at PC are very close knit. You are able to have a lot of one on one with your professor and it makes learning easier. Criminal Justice has always been something that I wanted to do, and  I like that PC has a good relationship with the police department here in Aberdeen.”


Your experience as a student in the criminal justice program will be characterized by instruction and personal guidance from a faculty of experts in the field. Courses cover such areas as law, corrections, criminal theory, homeland security, law enforcement, the court system, and moral and ethical issues in criminal justice.


The Criminal Justice Program delivers a number of distinctive learning opportunities designed to give you a depth of understanding and hands-on training. Students in one of our classes visit the South Dakota state legislature to learn about lobbying. Another class visits the state prison system to learn about prison operations.


As a graduate of the program you’ll find that you have a number of professional and academic opportunities. Our criminal justice graduates typically enter the fields of law enforcement, corrections, court services, social services, the military, and homeland security, among others. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice also serves as a solid foundation for graduate study such as law school.

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