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Presentation College’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is a four-year program that combines liberal arts and a science foundation with an extensive range of nursing courses. After earning the B.S., students are eligible to take the national examination for licensure as a registered nurse (NCLEX).


The nursing program delivers a broad base of knowledge—which includes the study of behavioral sciences and humanities—to reflect the variety of roles served by nurses in the 21st century. Students are partnered with a faculty coach in the second year, and we use very few adjunct faculty when compared to most other nursing programs.


As a student in the nursing program, you’ll benefit from our strong reputation and the valuable connections and relationships we’ve built with the region’s top hospitals and health care organizations, including Avera Health, Sanford Health, & the Mayo Clinic. This significantly eases the burden of finding top clinical placement sites, which for most other schools is a highly competitive process.

Hands-On Learning

Students in the Nursing Program begin their clinical training early, in just the second year. And with facilities like our cadaver lab—and state-of-the-art Avera Simulation Center—you’ll gain outstanding hands-on learning opportunities.

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Nursing Application Guide


NOTE: This application is for nursing students who are already admitted to the college, but need to apply for entrance to the Nursing program.



Incoming freshman that are admitted into the Nursing major can progress into program courses after their first year at Presentation College. They must have a cumulative 2.7 GPA and have passed the TEAS or NLN/PAX entrance nursing exam. They must also submit the Nursing Program Application, along with a 300-400 word essay (see above).

Incoming freshman who have a 2.7 GPA on their final high school transcript, and an ACT score of 20 or an SAT score of 1030, will be guaranteed admission into the Nursing major and will progress into program courses if all requirements are met. This means they are exempt from the entrance exam and essay, but they will still need to complete the Nursing Program Application (see above).


Incoming transfer students are admitted into the college with a minimum of 2.0 GPA, with the understanding that they must achieve a 2.7 GPA their first year at Presentation College. Incoming transfer students will be required to take and pass the TEAS or NLN/PAX exam, as well as complete the Nursing Program Application with a 300-400 word essay (see above).


Please reach out to your advisor or the Admissions Department for more information.