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Surgical Technology

Technical Standards

  1. Maintain vision, hearing, and the appropriate ability to articulate the words necessary to observe and communicate effectively in surgery.
  2. Maintain the physical functions needed to respond appropriately to a patient’s needs including: standing for long periods of time, holding retractors for long periods of time, twisting and bending at the waist, carrying and lifting heavy trays of instruments, pushing surgical carts and equipment, lifting heavy items, transferring patients to and from surgery, using fine motor skills and manual dexterity needed to operate surgical supplies, instruments, and equipment.
  3. Exhibit meticulous attention to aseptic and sterile technique.
  4. Demonstrate a technological intelligence to prepare surgical instruments, equipment, and supplies.
  5. Present the anticipatory ability necessary to understand the surgeon’s timely needs.
  6. Demonstrate and apply the intellectual and emotional functions needed to exercise independent judgment and discretion in the performance of assigned responsibilities.