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Teaching With Technology

In recent years integration of instructional technology into the classroom has become a significant part of education. Teachers need to understand the ways in which these new tools can make a significant difference in student learning.

Therefore, the Department of Education remains on the cutting edge of technology by utilizing electronic textbooks and Tablet PC’s, among a variety of other hardware and software used to enhance functionality, classroom activities, and student learning, for all education courses.

Electronic textbooks are an excellent alternative to print books since with them, a student can search for a specific word or topic, copy/paste text into their coursework, comment within the textbook, and enjoy a lighter backpack – all for about half of what a print textbook costs!

Fall 2010 Semester Textbook Comparison

Course Print Textbook Cost Electronic Textbook Cost
SEED323 $124.00 $74.40
SEED322 $124.40 $74.64
SEED 322, Book #2 $26.67 $16.00

Savings of 40%

In addition, the Department of Education recommends students purchase a Tablet PC in lieu of the Presentation College policy of acquiring a laptop. Tablet PC’s contain the power of a laptop computer with many additional benefits. Using a Tablet PC, you can create, edit, and organize handwritten notes in a searchable digital format, capture text and drawings, mathematical formulas, etc. that can be converted to typed text in a matter of seconds. With Microsoft One Note, you can synchronize your notes with audio and/or video recordings and presentations to create binders of multimedia information. The Tablet PC will allow you to read your electronic textbooks anyplace you go.

Tablet Specifications