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The Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology offers those students pursuing this degree access to all of the exciting and interesting areas of the study of the mind.  The focus of the Psychology program is to give students a solid foundation in the field of mental health with an emphasis on the value and dignity of the individual.  As a result, students will be prepared for exciting work in a psychology-related field or to continue on to graduate work.

Presentation College offers this program at the Aberdeen, Fairmont, and Eagle Butte campuses.  Presentation College has also offered a psychology minor for several years, as a complement to the nursing and allied health programs, which is available to students in other majors.

Students enrolled in the Psychology program will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree, with an emphasis in General Psychology or Sport Psychology.  Students pursuing the baccalaureate degree will be required to complete an internship in the field before graduation.

•The General Psychology emphasis will provide students with a general orientation to the field of psychology.

•The Sport Psychology’s focal point will be learning to understand the mental side of the athlete, and how mental health affects performance.

Occupational Outlook