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Business Club

This is an organization for students preparing for careers in business. Its purpose is to provide experiences essential in the areas of leadership, cooperation, and professional development During the school year our business club guest speakers present information in the … Read more

TASC (Teaching As a Second Career)

Overview Presentation College is offering a Grades 7-12 teaching certificate only program in the areas of History, Business, Psychology, English and Biology. You are eligible for this program if you meet the following criteria:       •Hold a Bachelor’s Degree from … Read more

Program Resources

Course Descriptions Psychology Course Descriptions (pdf) Degree Checklist Bachelor of Science in Psychology (pdf)


Social Work Direct Scholarship (Deadline April 11) Eligibility Requirements: Formal acceptance into the Social Work program Cumulative 3.0 GPA Enrollment in a minimum of 5 credit hours the following academic year Submission Requirements: An essay describing your purpose in applying … Read more


Application Social Work Program Application (pdf) Background Check Information Social Work Background Check Information (pdf)

Program Resources

Course Descriptions Social Work Course Descriptions (pdf) Degree Checklist Bachelor of Science in Social Work (pdf) Field Manual Social Work Field Manual (pdf) Handbook Social Work Student Handbook (pdf)  

Program Details

Curriculum The Professional Foundation Areas Social workers must demonstrate proficiency and competence in nine professional areas:  Professional Values and Ethics, Diversity, Populations at Risk, Social and Economic Justice, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Social Welfare Policy and Services, Social … Read more