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Student Requirements

Student Health, Certification, and Background Screen Requirements



Students admitted to any nursing program at Presentation College and wishing to enroll in any nursing course must comply with certain health, immunization, and certification requirements. Any non-compliant student will be dropped from their courses on the first day of class.


  1. Prior to admission/progression to the nursing program, the student will submit to the Department of Nursing a completed Health Form located here which includes:
  • Evidence of appropriate current immunizations for tetanus (Tdap), polio (3 IPV, 4 OPV, or an immune titer), measles mumps rubella (2 MMR or an immune titer), hepatitis B (3 immunizations or an immune titer), varicella (2 immunizations, MD verified case of chicken pox, or an immune titer), and annual influenza immunization (by November 15th of each year, or MD waiver) according to guidelines indicated on the form or as appropriate according to accepted professional standards and as certified by a recognized health care professional.
  • Evidence of a two-step Mantoux skin test for tuberculosis. A two-step test consists of an injection with reading done within 48-72 hours, and a second injection with reading done one to three weeks after the initial injection. Skin test results are valid for 12 months only and must be valid concurrently with the academic year, semester, or duration of the course. An additional annual one-step skin test is required within 12 months of the initial two-step, and if not received the two-step will need to be repeated. TB blood tests and chest X-rays will be accepted in place of the initial two-step skin test, or yearly in place of the one-step skin test. The skin test period of validity must be concurrent with the entire length of the specific course before final registration is authorized. It there is a history of a positive skin test, documentation of completion of therapy for tuberculosis certified by a health care provider is required.
  • One physical exam when entering the program is valid for the duration of time the student is enrolled in the program. Exceptions include: 1) change in health status; and 2) stepping out or withdrawal from the program for greater than one semester. It is recommended that a physical be performed annually. Any change in health status must be reported to the Program Director.
  1. Additionally, the student will provide evidence of valid American Heart Association CPR certification for the Health Care Provider. Certification is valid for 24 months and must be valid concurrently with the academic year semester, or duration of the course. The certification must be valid for the entire length of the specific course before final registration is authorized.
  1. The student is responsible for maintaining a current health insurance policy. Evidence of current health insurance may be required by clinical agencies.
  1. An annual National background screen is required for all nursing students, and an annual State background screen is required of any student who resides in MN or may do clinical there. These costs are the student’s responsibility.
  1. The student should allow a period of no less than 10 working days after materials are received by the Department of Nursing for the registration authorization to be completed. Due to the complexity of orientation to the course the first week of the semester, late registration after a nursing class has begun is not permitted.
  1. Assuring the submission of all required documentation and receipt by the Department of Nursing is entirely the responsibility of the student. Presentation College, the Department of Nursing, and the Office of Admissions are not responsible for delayed, incomplete, lost or missing documents or records. It is the student’s responsibility to determine if all necessary documentation has been received.
  1. The student is responsible for notifying faculty and clinical staff of any latex allergy. As many health care products are latex based, the student should be aware of agency policy and procedures.
  1. Health requirement documentation shall be provided to clinical agencies at the agency’s request.

Please direct any questions to Sasha Bunke at or (605) 229-8474. Documentation may be emailed to, dropped off in the Nursing office in Aberdeen or Fairmont, or faxed the Nursing office at (605) 229-8488.

Background Screening

Each nursing student is required to complete a background screening process annually.

Background checks are completed at the Viewpoint Screening website. You can download the instructions here. The $39 cost is incurred by the student. Please contact Sasha Bunke at or (605) 229-8474 if you have any questions regarding the background screening process.

Students who reside in Minnesota or do clinical in Minnesota are also required to complete a Minnesota State Background Screen. This is paid for by the College. Please contact Susan Barnes at or (507) 235-4658 if you have any questions regarding the Minnesota State background screening process.