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At first glance most business degree programs look the same, but take a closer look and you’ll see there is a difference at Presentation College:

      •Personal Attention, if you need it, from faculty helping you every step of the way.

      •Internship experience, giving you the practical skills and confidence you’ll need to succeed.

      •A warm and friendly campus, where you’ll feel comfortable, at home.

      •Small class sizes, so you get plenty of interaction and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

      •Specialized Accreditation, ensuring your classes meet the highest quality standards.

      •Participate in Business Club and meet other students who are excited about real-life business endeavors.

Presentation College offers an Associate’s Degree in business, focusing on management, and a Bachelor’s Degree in business.

Your Associate’s Degree education establishes a beginning foundation for starting your career or continuing your education. You will gain knowledge in the basic principles of business as well as subjects like economics, accounting and business law.

Your baccalaureate education includes learning experiences designed to develop your business knowledge and managerial skills. With a B.S. in business you’ll be ready for entry level management positions.

Minors are available in:

      •Agricultural Business Management


      •Health Services Administration


Non-business majors may pursue a Business Essentials minor.