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The Bachelor of Science Degree in American Studies provides a well-rounded examination of American culture through concentrated studies in the fields of economics, history, literature and sociology. With the diversity of an American Studies degree students can prepare for careers within law, history, geography, anthropology, public history, education, social work, broadcasting and more.

By recognizing the distinctiveness of American contributions, students pursuing an American Studies degree will gain exposure to: political, intellectual, literary, religious, historical, social, economic, and folklore scholarship.  The preservation of the American legacy is at the forefront of this exciting major that will promote students to consider the basis of our country’s foundation, appreciation for the contributions of the many who have served or devoted themselves to the elevation of our country, and prepare to engage a workforce with a diverse degree format. 

Some of the things students will benefit by immediately in the program are: individualized instruction, average class sizes of 12 students, intentional coursework designed to offer students marketable skills, and the tangible opportunities that lead to career placement.    


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