How to view overall balance on the Student Portal?
Login to the Student Portal and click on “My Ledger” at the left of the screen. The “My Ledger” option shows the student a detailed account ledger of all transactions. It also allows you to view Pending Housing and Pending Financial Aid awards.

  • Previous Ledger Balance is the balance from previous terms as shown in the student’s ledger
  • Overall Balance is the current balance from the student’s ledger, as of the Term selected, plus any previous balance, Pending Financial Aid and Pending Housing Charges
  • Pending Financial Aid shows estimated awards that have not yet been received by Presentation College
  • Pending Housing Charges shows the expected Housing and Meal Plan charges
  •  The Pay Online link only displays if the student has an overall balance due

Why did my overall balance change?
Adjustments to student accounts will occur if you add or drop a course, receive additional financial aid/scholarships, or incur other charges (i.e. parking fine).

When am I charged a service fee on my payment?
-Payments made with credit card.
-Any credit card payment that is applied to my student account. Excluding application fees and deposits.