Scholarship Opportunities

Institutional Scholarships

Presentation College has received generous designated funds from friends, alumni, and businesses with the purpose of establishing scholarships. Scholarships are awarded by academic merit and financial need. (March 31, 2018 deadline)

Aberdeen Scholarship Application

Fairmont Scholarship Application


Athletic Scholarships

Student athletic scholarships are awarded to student athletes by Presentation College coaches in compliance with the policies and procedures of the College, the North Star Athletic Association (NSAA), and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The amounts and number of awards may vary.

Department of Athletics


Scholar Dollars

Students may receive up to $500 per semester (fall/spring only) match for competitive scholarships from outside sources.

Contact the Financial Aid Office for full eligibility requirements.


Catholic High School Graduate Scholarship

Students who are enrolling at the College for the first time may be eligible for a Catholic High School Scholarship. Students who meet the eligibility criteria should notify a counselor in either admissions or the financial aid office.

1. Must be a first-time freshman (transfer students do not qualify); and
2. Have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher on the official high school transcript; and
3. Enroll full-time (12 credits or more per semester) in the fall semester immediately following high school graduation; and
4. Live on campus in the residence halls.

Only valid in the fall semester following your high school graduation.


Bishop Hoch Scholarship (March 15, 2018 deadline)

Bishop Hoch Deanery Scholarships are made available by the Catholic Churches in each respective Deanery of the Diocese of Sioux Falls. The scholarships are available to new students, students already in college and non-traditional students interested in attending or already attending  Presentation College. The applicant’s family must be active registered members of a Catholic parish in the Diocese of Sioux Falls, and the applicant must be eligible for admission to Presentation College.

Applications are to be mailed directly to Bishop Hoch Deanery Scholarship Program.



Yankton Medical Clinic (March 5, 2018 deadline)

$1,000 scholarship to a student currently enrolled in a laboratory, radiology, respiratory therapy or nursing program.

Applications are to be mailed directly to the scholarship foundation listed.




American Indian Education Foundation (April 4, 2018 deadline )

$2,000 maximum scholarship available for Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students. See attached for more detail information.

Applications are available in the financial aid office or at

American Indian Education Foundation


Davis Family Scholarship (May 1, 2018 deadline)

This scholarship was established in 1996 to honor descendants of William and Agnes Davis who were dedicated to education, whose children went to Catholic institutions, especially Notre Dame in Mitchell, and whom have nurtured the founder of this scholarship, educationally and otherwise.

  • Applicants must be sophomores, juniors, or seniors at the Aberdeen campus
  • Grade point average must be maintained at 2.50 or better
  • Financial need will be a consideration

Applications are to be mailed directly to the scholarship foundation listed.



Walter N. and Dorothy D. Graham Scholarship (June 1, 2018 deadline)

Applicants must be enrolled in a South Dakota accredited 4-year nursing program, must have previously earned 24 semester credits, and maintained a 2.5 or better accumulated GPA. Financial need may be considered.

Applications are to be mailed directly to the scholarship foundation listed.



SME Sioux Falls Scholarship (March 1, 2018 deadline)

Scholarship opportunity for sophomore, junior, or senior level business students. Awards range from $1,000 to $4,000.

Applications are to be mailed directly to the scholarship foundation.



South Dakota Bankers Foundation Scholarship (March 2, 2018 deadline)

One $4,000 scholarship, three $3,000 scholarships, and one $1,500 scholarship are available from the South Dakota Bankers Foundation to students who are juniors and pursuing banking, finance, or business, and are attending a South Dakota college, university or vocational-technical school. For a complete listing of requirements and application, go to

Applications are to be mailed directly to the scholarship foundation listed.



Hatterscheidt Scholarship (March 16, 2018 deadline)

The Hatterscheidt Scholarship is a one-year award valued at $2,000. These selective application-based scholarships are awarded annually to seniors graduating from South Dakota high schools who meet the following minimum requirements.

  • Must be a South Dakota resident and graduate from a South Dakota high school
  • Show financial need and apply for Federal Student Aid through the FAFSA
  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Be accepted for admission to PC
  • Attend the PC main campus full time

Applications are to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office at Presentation College.



South Dakota Board of Nursing – Nursing Education Scholarship  (June 1, 2018 deadline)

The number and amount of each scholarship is determined annually by South Dakota Board of Nursing, not to exceed $1,000 per academic year per student. Scholarship money may be used for direct education expenses such as tuition, books, and fees. The scholarship money may not be used for expenses for room and board as these types of expenses are not considered direct educational expenses.

Applications can be found at the following link:

Applications are to be mailed directly to the South Dakota Board of Nursing.