Undergraduate & Graduate Tuition & General Fees
2018-2019 Academic Year

GENERAL TUITION (amount per year)

Block tuition – all locations (12-18 credits)  $22,775

Part-time tuition (per credit)  (1-11 credits & over 18)  $738

Summer tuition (per credit)  $738

GRADUATE TUITION (amount per credit)

Tuition per credit hour $895


Room Plan – Student Suites  $6,300

Meal Plan – $3,3537

Schedule of Tuition and Fees 2017-2018

Schedule of Tuition and Fees 2018-2019

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Policy on Proration for 2018-2019

If you have questions call Financial Aid at 605-229-8429, or e-mail them at financialaid@presentation.edu.


Funding your education

There are a number of funding sources available to Presentation College students.  Please click on any of the links below for more information.  If you have questions about any of the funding sources listed here or if you might be eligible, please contact the Financial Aid Office at financialaid@presentation.edu.

Cost of Attendance (COA)

The COA (or student’s budget) is the total estimated amount it will cost the student to attend Presentation College for one academic year consisting of the fall and spring semesters. The COA includes tuition and fees; room and board (or a housing and food allowance); and allowances for books, supplies, transportation, loan fees, and dependent care. It also includes miscellaneous and personal expenses; may include an allowance for the rental or purchase of a personal computer; costs related to a disability, and reasonable costs for eligible study-abroad programs.

Federal Student Aid

The Department of Education provides more than $100 billion a year in grants, loans and work study assistance. Most students qualify for federal financial aid programs.


Through Presentation College’s well rounded scholarship program, students may reduce educational costs by earning scholarship dollars based on their academic performance, leadership/talents and financial need. Other scholarship applications are available through outside funding sources.

Work Study

Federal and Institutional Work Study positions are available on campus to qualified students. Please go to the Career and Learning Center to see available work study positions.

SD Nursing Education Scholarship Program

Individuals applying for a scholarship must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a citizen of the United States and a South Dakota resident for a minimum of one year immediately preceding the date of application
  • Be accepted into a board-approved nursing education program for licensed practical nurses or registered nurses, whether leading to initial nurse licensure or degree enhancement (e.g. MSN, DNP)
  • Have or maintain a satisfactory grade for progression in the nursing education program as determined by the faculty of the institution
Minnesota Grant Programs (Fairmont Campus only)

Minnesota Child Care Grant application programs are available for the Fairmont campus students. Separate applications are required.

Parent Loans

Parents of dependent students may apply for a Direct PLUS Loan to help pay their child’s education expenses as long as certain eligibility requirements are met.

Alternative Loans

Alternative loans are also known as private loans and should be considered as an option after other grants, scholarships, and federal loans. Alternative loans have higher interest rates than the federal loans from the Department of Education. Eligibility for alternative loans is not based on financial need, but instead your creditworthiness and the total cost of your education. A credit check is done and a cosigner may be needed to secure an alternative loan. Students may borrow up to their remaining educational cost minus other financial aid awarded. The following is a list of alternative loan lenders for Presentation College. Please click the link to the lender of your choice and you will be directed to their website for their online application. Students have the right to select a lender of their choice.

98 percent of all Presentation College students receive financial aid!
Presentation College is 40% more affordable than the average private college!