Student Government Association provides:

  • A voice for students
  • An avenue for change
  • The distribution of funds to campus clubs and organizations
  • An environment for positive feedback
  • Updates and information from Administration


Membership shall be open to any full time Presentation College student. All officers are elected by the student body each spring.


Meetings for the 2018-19 academic year will be announced at the beginning of each semester. All SGA meetings are open and available for any Presentation College student, faculty or staff member to attend.

2018-2019 Officers


Executive Board

President: Nathan Jones

Vice-President: Jacob Tarrell

Secretary/Treasurer: Paul Boettner


Senior Class Senators

President: Bethany Weaver

Vice-President: Vacant

Representative: Shelby Hinz


Junior Class Senators

President: John Oldenkamp

Vice-President: Taylor Dubbeide

Representative: Mason Hanse


Sophomore Class Senators

President: Alec Paulson

Vice-President: John Kludt

Representative: Ben Boyko


Advisor Jory Kunzman
Student Activities Coordinator