Our Focus

Presentation College seeks a robust diversity of students, and seeks entry level students who are residents as well as commuters, part time as well as full time.

Presentation College offers the essence of a higher education so that students have opportunities to mature, through the seven dimensions of a whole person, which are identified in the core value of Whole Person Education.  There is an emphasis on experiencing perspectives through a world view, and on growing and expanding the ability to think and to engage in dialogue consistent with the Catholic tradition.

Graduates are Presentation people who are recognized through the values they live.  They are justice making and committed to the common good.  They combine wisdom with compassion.  They engage joyfully to serve society.

Presentation College maintains its focus on the education of health care professionals.  The College offers strong undergraduate programs while exploring the feasibility of offering advanced degrees to health care professionals.

Presentation College attracts and supports diverse, highly qualified and innovative faculty and staff, which ensures a challenging higher education for students.  The support includes funding for research and professional development.

Faculty in each academic program research and implement best practices relevant to the uniqueness of the discipline.  Each academic program demonstrates excellence through a collectivity of excellence in scholarship, creativity, learning and service.

The expanding athletic opportunities at Presentation College are steeped in the Champions of Character philosophy of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics.  That philosophy is consistent with the mission and core values of the College.  The goal of the athletic department is to be competitive enough to create quality student-athlete experiences, and to have coaches perform and produce at an exceptional level.

Presentation College integrates the academic life and the campus social life to make available, to all students, a complete college experience.  A wide range of student life activities and programs are offered to support the mission and to enhance the learning experiences and academic programs of the college.

Presentation College faculty and staff embrace the mission and core values of the College.  They are grounded in compassion and in caring for the common good.

Presentation College faculty and staff are actively involved in joyful service to the college and to the broader community.  They are dedicated to social justice and willing to gain new experiences.

Community Impact
Presentation College graduates are excellently prepared to have a significant, positive impact in their communities, as servant leaders.  They are also recognized as PC graduates by their ability to engage in meaningful dialogue, their effectiveness in their chosen careers, and their creativity.

Presentation College imparts to its students a sense of their need to seek better ways in which to contribute to the broader community.

Presentation College is deeply involved in the community surrounding each campus, and offers significant opportunities for that community to become involved with PC.  College leaders, faculty, staff and students are visible within that community.  The College establishes community partnerships which are mutually beneficial.  Those partnerships enhance the College, and invite the broader community to experience what the College has to offer.

Presentation College maintains its enrollment at a level that creates sustainability.  It has achieved financial and academic sustainability by balancing its current distinctiveness with its future vision.

Presentation College remains true to its mission and core values as it identifies, promotes and builds on its distinctive education.  It is a learning community, intentionally serving and learning with all who seek relationship within the context of the College.

Presentation College has cultivated its donor base to support academic programs and scholarships for students.  As a result, the College has a secure financial future, and offers a modern and learning centered campus experience to all students.