Our Core Values

Catholic Tradition

Drawing upon a 2,000 year old Catholic tradition, Presentation College has a rigorous commitment to the pursuit of truth in harmony with a deep appreciation for the spiritual life. The most basic tenet of the Catholic intellectual tradition, as it relates to higher education, is the manner in which faith, knowledge and reason complement each other. Presentation College offers an education of continuing scholarship, seeking the truth. That tradition permeates the curriculum, student life and core values of the College. Inherent in both the tradition of the Church and in the mission of the Presentation Sisters is a sincere commitment to social justice which includes respect for the dignity of the individual. This commitment is expressed in service and is a special hallmark of a Presentation College education.

Learning Community

The charism of the Presentation Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary extends itself through Presentation College. Inspired by the love and zeal of Nano Nagle, the College welcomes all people in the spirit of hospitality to include warmth, acceptance and gratitude. Presentation College is committed to intentionally serving and learning with all who seek relationship within the context of the College. Presentation College promotes acceptance, unity, dignity and appreciation for diversity.

Whole Person Education

Presentation College believes that an effective, comprehensive education will encompass the spiritual, intellectual, socio-cultural, emotional, environmental, physical and career dimensions of the whole person.

Education of Distinction

Presentation College is the only college, worldwide, which is sponsored by a congregation of Presentation Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A vital aspect of the legacy of the Presentation Sisters is excellence in teaching and in healing. Honoring that legacy, as well as the sponsorship of the Presentation Sisters, is the basis for an education of distinction at Presentation College. Presentation Sisters value hospitality and practice social justice and those values are a distinctive part of the Presentation College learning community. As Presentation people, we joyfully teach, learn and serve.


Presentation College has been a leader in health care education, in establishing outreach campuses, in utilizing technology and in offering on-line education. Based on that history of innovation and of responding to needs, Presentation College continues to embrace creativity, originality, imagination and vision to promote resourcefulness.