Presentation College is required to disclose specific information about each Gainful Employment program, including associated occupations within the program, published length of time to complete the program within the scheduled time frame, on-time completion rate, program costs, placement rates, and median loan debt through the federal loan program, private educational loans, and institutional debt. The following programs at Presentation College are included under this criteria. Information for each can be found on the home page of each respective  program:


Certificate in Medical Coding

Certificate in Surgical Technology


Placement data on the gainful employment reports are gathered using a survey of program completers as well as employer surveys. Collection of surveys from graduates of gainful employment programs are collected from the date of graduation at which time it is determined whether the graduates are employed in their field of study, continuing their education, or serving in the military. In the gainful employment report, job placement is determined based on the number of surveys received. Graduates who are serving in the military or continuing their education are considered positive placements and are included in the determination of placement rates. Deceased students and students who are totally and permanently disabled are excluded from the determination of placement rates. The job placement rate is then calculated from the number of graduates who responded to the survey and are working in their field of study.

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