By Emily Carrels, Student Activities Coordinator

The Student Affairs department at Presentation College focuses on services and student success outside of the classroom, and an important goal for the area is to prepare students for active participation in society after graduation. In the past few years, the department has seen an increase in new positions, a decision made with hopes of enhancing this goal.

As the college looks to increase enrollment each year, certain positions and individuals become vital to the student experience. By adding various positions, the Student Affairs department has been able to fine tune and specialize tasks and duties, meaning that students get more specialized services. For example, prior to having an on-campus counselor, the college had to outsource any students who requested counseling services. Now that we have a Director of Counseling and Student Health Services, these students can be seen on campus, at their convenience, at no cost to them. Another example relates to one of our core values, Catholic Tradition. By adding a Director of Campus Ministry, students can explore and discover their spiritual growth at a deeper level, no matter their faith or beliefs. The addition of this position has also helped promote and strengthen the institutions mission, and has helped maintain a valued relationship with the Presentation Sisters.

Before the addition of positions such as those stated above, the duties associated with those fields were either disarrayed between various individuals or were nonexistent. Now that there are specific positions, with more focus, students can be assured that their experience will be more personalized. New positions range from a Housing Coordinator, whose focus is to maintain the welfare and needs of all residents, to a Campus Safety Coordinator, whose focus is to organize and provide institutional safety to the entire campus community. These new positions as well as a few others not listed all have the purpose of providing students with the service and support they need to be successful while at Presentation College.

Looking forward, the Student Affairs department plans to continue to improve and enhance the student experience in alignment with the ever changing needs seen in higher education. The department will focus on the social and emotional connections students form with Presentation College, and will continue to put students first, one Saint at a time.