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APPEAL STATUS UPDATE (August 19, 2014) Based upon appeal papers filed by Presentation College, the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) has formally notified the College that its baccalaureate nursing program has been granted continuing accreditation with warning. A self-study will be submitted and a site visit will be scheduled for Fall 2014 (no later than October 23.) ACEN will review the results of that visit and the College’s self-study in Spring 2015. We fully expect that after that review, the program will be granted continuing accreditation without conditions.


Q: Is Presentation College an accredited institution? 
A: Yes, the College and its various programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
Q: There have been media reports the nursing program is not accredited. Is this true?  
A: No, our ACEN accreditation status remains the same, pending the disposition of our appeal. Nursing programs in South Dakota and Minnesota must be approved by the respective States’ Board of Nursing. The nursing program at Presentation College holds full approval by these States.   It is important to note that graduation as a BSN, eligibility for NCLEX, and licensure once the NCLEX is passed, is in place with the approvals.
Q: What’s at issue?
A: Standard 2 Faculty and Staff, Criteria 2.1, All faculty are not credentialed with a minimum of a master’s degree with a major in nursing.
Q: How does this issue affect current, future and past nursing students?
A: This does not affect your graduation, your eligibility for the NCLEX, nor your licensure once you have passed the NCLEX.  We will do whatever we are able to ensure continuing accreditation and help with application processes if needed.  Please check our online page for updates.
Q: What effect does this have on previous graduates?
A: None. The accreditation appeal does not affect the previous graduates of the nursing program.
Q: Does the status of ACEN accreditation affect any other PC programs? 
A: No. The other programs have separate accreditations. The ACEN accreditation is specifically for the Nursing program.
Q: Would the loss of ACEN accreditation affect my eligibility to obtain financial aid? 
A: No. The loss of ACEN accreditation would not affect your ability to apply, and if eligible, to receive financial aid for your program of study in any of PC’s academic programs. Financial Aid is dependent upon the College’s regional accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission. 
Revised – 04/15/2014