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Always I’m here, down through the years I have never let you cry alone.
Here in my light, your tears sparkle brighter than jewels in the morning sun.
All through the night I give you a light to see by, to follow.
All through the day, in so many ways, I am telling you I love you.
My child, my chosen, I love you.   My child, my chosen, I love you.”
(from a tape by Michael John Poirier, Hello, Lord, “My Child, My Chosen)

 These were some of the words of a song that touched me during my retreat as God seemed to remind me of all the ways that He has shown me His love – down through the years.  As we get started with another school year very shortly, it continues to speak to me today.  I remember years gone by, classes I taught, students I have had, and occasionally, I meet some of my former students in the hallways again.  Have you ever had that experience?  How does it touch you to meet these people years later? 


Perhaps, it will lead you to reflect on all the ways God has shown you that He loves you.  If you take time to do that, I suspect that you will
be surprised.  Like me, you might have forgotten the many little ways that God has reached into your life to say, “I love you.”

I’m wanting you to experience the joy I experienced when I did this.  Try it!


God bless you!

Sister Marilyn Dunn, PBVM  (

Assistant in Student Services and Mission

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