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Lighting The Way Newsletter

We are starting another new month.  Before long it will be time to start making preparations for the 2014-2015 new school year. One morning last week, I was listening to the news which was telling about storms that had struck in various places the night before, and possible storms that might  be coming that day.  Then when I started to pray I read the passage from the 2nd Book of Kings (2:6-14) which told about Elijah being taken up to heaven in a whirlwind.  I wondered was that like a possible tornado??  Maybe that tells us about how we will all get to heaven – in the possible storms of our life.  They may be weather storms, or they may be the storms we experience when things just don’t go the way we would like – health-wise or from the people around us.  It all depends upon how we live our lives, hopefully loving one another, and accepting the storms that come into our lives with faith and trust in God.

God bless you!  

Sister Marilyn Dunn, PBVM  (

Assistant in Student Services and Mission       

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