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PC professor urges everyone to never stop learning

In today’s rapidly changing society, the key to unlocking life’s greatest adventures is the ability to keep learning once there are no more classrooms, no more roll call, and no more grades. Life is about continuously learning, finding new adventures, achieving your goals, and growing. These words speak true to the life of Dr. Brad Tennant, Presentation College History Professor. Dr. Tennant works as an active researcher, writer, keynote speaker, PC Wein Gallery Coordinator, and presenter on a variety of state and regional topics.

“One of the things I remember a good colleague telling me when I first started teaching is to never stop learning. That’s how I look at it, I have been teaching for well over thirty years, but there is always more to learn,” said Dr. Tennant. “Whether I am presenting or listening, I’m always looking for something to bring back to the classroom for my students and me to keep learning from.”

The past several months have been busy but rewarding, as Gov. Dennis Daugaard appointed Dr. Tennant to serve on the commission for South Dakota’s 125th anniversary of statehood and reappointed him to serve his second three-year term as the president of the South Dakota Historical Society. The acclaimed teacher and scholar also accepted his third Teagarden Professional Scholar Award at the Dakota Conference for his most recent Lewis and Clark publication, In Pursuit of Captain Merry. Dr. Tennant is currently involved in more organizations and activities than ever, including 14 significant club memberships, 19 different professional activities, and participates in a variety of committees and activities. 

His extensive passion and knowledge of Lewis and Clark history was recognized this year by the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation when they selected the professor to revise and adapt their curriculum to meet the new common core. As Wein Gallery Coordinator, this year Dr. Tennant had a new idea to include an exhibit featuring students’ poetry and received an overwhelming response of 56 original poems. The professor was so impressed that he helped make arrangements for the students’ poems to be published in a booklet titled, Sips of Wein Redux. Recently, he toured the historic sights of Spain and accompanied six PC students on a trip to the British Isles.

Looking back on his busy year, the history professor cannot deny that he hasn’t had a lot of time for himself. He can, however, proudly say that he is living a life filled with humbling experiences, breath-taking adventures, and ever-growing knowledge. 

“Education is the journey of a lifetime. I hope that each of us seizes opportunities to keep learning—professionally and personally,” said Dr. Tennant. “We should take advantage of opportunities to learn more for the sake of our intellectual curiosity and growth; it makes the journey worthwhile.”

– by Kelli Krause

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