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PC launches three new degree programs for 2014

Presentation College recently announced that it will begin offering three new degree programs beginning in the new academic year in the fall of 2014. The additions are a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication was offered on the Aberdeen Campus a number of years ago, but has been reactivated due to a number of reasons. The traditional liberal arts major has been updated to reflect the field’s transformative changes over the last several years and will provide students with a well-rounded examination of current and changing media culture. This degree would provide career options in various fields due to the essential speaking, writing, interpersonal, critical thinking, and technology skills that students will develop by majoring in Communications.

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree is a rigorous and unique program designed to provide versatility not found in other Presentation College degrees. It will meet the diverse and changing educational and career aspirations of students by providing tools for academic success and flexibility. Interdisciplinary Studies will prepare graduates for a variety of career opportunities, as well as preparation for graduate or professional schools in the fields of medicine, counseling, law, history, geography, anthropology, broadcasting, education, and social work. It will be offered at the Aberdeen and Fairmont Campuses.

 The Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice will provide students on the Aberdeen Campus with an examination of the U. S. Criminal Justice System with a course of study including Law, Corrections, Criminal Theory, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, the Court System and moral and ethical dilemmas in the Criminal Justice field. Graduates would be able to pursue a career in law enforcement, corrections, court services, social services, military, homeland security, as well as being prepared for a variety of graduate study programs.

 “The number of students is growing and so is our degree selection. More degree choices provide students with more options to reach their career goals,” said Aimee Sippel, Arts and Science Department Chair. “In my opinion, these new degrees will be very popular amongst our students. They are very flexible and offer a variety of interesting job opportunities.

 For more information about the new degree programs, please visit or call 1800-437-6060.

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