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Lighting The Way | Graduation Farewell

 “Lighting The Way” shares the mission of the College and the mission of the Presentation Sisters.  If you find it of interest,  please email Sister Marilyn Dunn ( to receive the newsletter.    


We are starting the summer months here at Presentation College.  On Saturday, we bid farewell to over 150 graduates.  We will miss them much, but we realize that is what we are here to do — to guide them and help them to move on in life.  As I reread some of my prayer journal this morning, I found this, “We’ve done what we were obliged to do.  Now we need to let God take over from here.”  At the time I wrote that, I was thinking of something else, but today I reflect that it is equally true as we realize many of those graduates may never be back here again.  They are moving on to new jobs or further educational opportunities, and we are saddened that they are leaving us.  But, we have to let God take over from here.  We have to trust that God will lead them in their next journeys of life.  If any of you graduates are reading this, Farewell and God bless you!

Now it is time to begin thinking about the Summer Session, a few of our other students will still be around to take some summer classes, but many of our other students have gone home for the summer.  We are already starting to miss their presence much, but we console ourselves that many will be back in the fall.  Many new students will be joining us at that time, and we will start that activity over again, teaching, leading, guiding, rejoicing with their successes, and then bidding farewell again to another group of students at the end of that year.  That seems to be the story of our lives – to lead, to guide, and then bid farewell again.  I believe God is trying to teach us something!

God bless you!

Sister Marilyn Dunn, PBVM   (

Assistant in Student Services and Mission



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