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Lighting the Way | Nineveh

“Lighting The Way” shares the mission of the College and the mission of the Presentation Sisters.  If you find it of interest,  please email Sister Marilyn Dunn ( to receive the newsletter.   

LTW   April 1

A couple weeks ago our scripture passages for one of our Liturgies tell a delightful story about Jonah being called to preach repentance.  In the first couple of chapters Jonah had been asked by God to go preach to the city of Nineveh that if they did not repent God was going to destroy their city. Well, Jonah considered Nineveh their enemy so he was probably delighted that God was going to destroy their city.  If you had read those first two chapters of Jonah, it tells about Jonah going the opposite direction, and God bringing him back (the whale story). 

Anyway in this third chapter, Jonah is again told to go preach to the people of Nineveh, and this time Jonah obeys.  He goes only one-third of the way through the city, and the people believe him.  They change their lives (even the king puts off his royal robes and sits in sack-cloth and ashes).  When God sees how they have changed their lives, God changes his mind about destroying their city. 

In the Gospel of that Mass the people are asking Jesus for a sign of what he was doing. Jesus responds that “just as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites, so the Son of Man (Jesus) would be a sign for his generation” (Luke 11:29-32).  I believe that is a question we might need to ask ourselves today, how am I a sign to the people around me that God is still present in their lives.  I believe that as we light the way for others, share God’s love to others, we are doing just that – being a sign of God’s love for others! 

Let’s all continue Lighting the Way for others!  And don’t forget, please remember to donate at least $1 for the poor in South Dakota.  We have not yet reached our goal.  The ‘Prayer in Action’ containers are in their usual locations.

God bless you! 

Sister Marilyn Dunn (

Assistant in Student Services and Mission  sisters





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