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Lighting The Way | Spring Reflection

“Lighting The Way” shares the mission of the College and the mission of the Presentation Sisters.  If you find it of interest,  please email Sister Marilyn Dunn ( to receive the newsletter.


Hope you all had a wonderful “Spring Break”.  For some of you it was not really a break, but perhaps it gave you hope that spring is on the way, if not weather-wise the calendar tells us spring is closer than before.  

This “Lighting the Way” comes just in between the feast of St. Patrick and the feast of St. Joseph – both wonderful saint in our Christian traditions.  Try to emulate any one of their virtues of:  faith, hope, love, and courage. 

We are also nearing the middle of the Lenten season already.  How have things been going for you thus far?  Have you been successful in your efforts to pray more, choose a fast that is appropriate for you, and give alms by sharing your bounty with those less fortunate?  Our Presentation “Prayer in Action” containers are still around for your donations.  Just think about how the little alms that you give can help those who struggle daily to feed and clothe their families.  Remember God will certainly reward you for your generosity.  That is one of the ways you are “Lighting the Way” for others who struggle to make ends meet. 

God bless you!

Sister Marilyn Dunn, (

Assistant in Student Services and Mission  sisters

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