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PC adds two new academic programs

Presentation College recently announced that it will begin offering two new degree programs beginning in the new academic year in the fall of 2014. The additions are a Bachelor of Science Degree in American Studies and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management.

 The Bachelor of Science Degree in American Studies provides a well-rounded examination of American culture through concentrated studies in the fields of economics, history, literature and sociology. This degree will open new career opportunities to include education, public history, writing, social research and business as well as prepare students for a variety of graduate study programs.

 The Bachelor of Science in Management degree will educate students in the authoritative aspects of management by focusing on practical application of case studies and current happenings.  Students will get hands-on experience in the field of management by completing a comprehensive internship, and will have the ability to add a minor in a complementary area to further their learning. 

 “The addition and implementation of these degrees will provide our students with more options and flexibility in order to achieve their career and personal goals,” said Aimee Sippel, Arts and Science Department Chair. “Presentation College is working hard to meet the educational and career needs of our ever changing student demographic.” 

 In addition to the two new degrees being offered, Presentation College will also be changing the name of the Associate Degree in Life Style Coaching to an Associate Degree in Exercise Science.

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