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‘Lighting The Way’ Newsletter | Lent

“Lighting The Way” shares the mission of the College and the mission of the Presentation Sisters.  If you find it of interest,  please email Sister Marilyn Dunn ( to receive the newsletter.

LTW Lent will begin next week!

It seems like we just finished the Christmas season a few weeks back, but the calendar shows me that next week we will begin the Lenten Season already.  Lent begins on March 5th, this year.  It is often known as “Ash Wednesday” mostly because in some of our Christian churches, the faithful are reminded by a sign of ashes on the forehead that we are made from “dust and will return to dust” when we die.  These words and sign are intended to keep us mindful that the season of Lent is intended to prepare us for the life beyond this one.

The Church encourages us to pray, fast, and give alms. Prayer can guide you to what is important. It has been suggested that we use the money we save by fasting and give it to the poor.  We can fast from food, or we can fast from the demands of a consumer society – turning away from the false gods that tell us we need to have more.  Hence, fasting and almsgiving together function as ‘Prayer in Action’.

One prayer in action that Presentation College will be encouraging students to participate in is an effort to assist those needy in our state.  After May of 2015, Presentation College will no longer be offering classes at Lakota Campus, but we do not want to forget about the needs of the Native Americans and all who need our help.  I suspect that you will soon be offered an opportunity to share what you have with those who need our help.  Let us pray that when the time comes for sharing, we will all be generous.

God bless you!

Sister Marilyn Dunn  (

Assistant in Student Services and Mission



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