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Slow Down! Enjoy life, and visit Greece


That’s the advice one PC student has after studying abroad in Greece for three months, and for Sophomore Lindsay Hughes, the trip was a life changing event.

“I was a little nervous at first and didn’t know what to expect,” said Hughes. “But after I got there I fell in love with the culture, history, and people.”

Before she left, Hughes wasn’t even sure what she wanted to major in but the journey made the choice crystal clear.

“I don’t know what exactly made up my mind,” said Hughes of choosing nursing as her major. “I just knew that I wanted to care for people and the choice became obvious.”

The Aberdeen Central grad made the three-month voyage with 16 members of Wayne State University, in Nebraska.

Hughes said it wasn’t easy at first when asked what it was like traveling to a foreign land with a group of strangers whom she had only met on Facebook, but she made lifelong friends in the process.

Looking for academic direction, Hughes turned to her guidance counselor and PC professor Dr. Brad Tennant for advice.

“He just told me that it would be a great experience and something I would never forget,” said Hughes.

While there Hughes said the first thing she noticed about her new environment was the slow-paced lifestyle.

“When I first arrived I was always moving and looking for something to do, but after learning the culture I learned to just slow down and enjoy life,” she said. “The people there are just so easy going and you feel like they really care when they are listening to you.”

Greece, is currently going through a rough economic time but the people still value education.

“They (Greeks) are very interested in our schooling and put a high value on education, and it really made me think to not take anything for granted in life.”

Hughes earned 12 credits for her trip to Greece and advises any student thinking of studying abroad to jump at the chance.

“I would definitely recommend to any student to go on a trip like this,” she said. “I learned so much about the Greek and Turkish culture, their history and about the people but also learned a lot about myself.”

From visiting Athens and Istanbul to cliff diving and sipping coffee in a local café, Hughes didn’t just visit Greece … she lived it.

Story by Tim Beckham

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