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A few weeks back we celebrated the feast of the Epiphany or, some call it the feast of the “Three Kings”.  St. Matthew (2:1-12) refers to them not as kings, but as “magi” or astrologers who had studied the stars.  This story hints that Jesus came for all people.

My reflection book says that the gifts the magi gave hint of the paschal mystery – myrrh for embalming, frankincense for divinity, and gold a gift fitting for a king.  We are also encouraged to ask ourselves several questions:  1) What is revealed to us about our own eagerness /or reluctance to seek God?  2) How do we respond to people who are searching for their own stars as they look for something more in their lives?  3) Where and when must there be both a “birth” and a “death” in our own Christian lives before we recognize what God is doing?  I encourage you to ask yourself those questions.

The word ‘Epiphany’ means a showing forth or an experience.  When might you have had your own “epiphany” or experience of God.  I have found taking time to look through my own life to name when and how I have experienced God to be a very gifted experience.  It has helped me recall that God has been there in the very ordinary times, times when I’ve felt God’s love in a special way. This time in the Church year is called “Ordinary Time”.  Perhaps this is a good time to look for God in the “ordinary” events of our lives – getting up, eating, going to work, etc.  These are ordinary events.  Look for how God wants to be a part of those experiences for you.  Because He loves you, He wants to be a part of your everyday life!

God bless you!


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