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PC starts a Christmas tradition


On a Tuesday evening, Dec. 3, Presentation College hosted its first-ever Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony to celebrate the start of the holiday season with members of the community, students and staff.

It was truly a joyous celebration, with Christmas carols playing and snow lightly fall outside, the crowd gathered in the college lobby prior to the ceremony to enjoy freshly baked gingerbread men, Christmas treats and hot cocoa. After a welcome address by PC President Dr. Margaret Huber, people of all ages congregated outside on the new campus green to see the tree lighting. The 40-foot-tall tree sprang to life and everyone gasped and cheered.

“I thought it was perfect having the snow fall on the ground as the tree lit up,” said Tim Beckham, PC Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

After enjoying the lights display, the crowd gathering inside to welcome Santa Claus, played by Jason Pettigrew, PC Human Resources Director, and his elf, Kelli Krause, PC Marketing Coordinator, and reindeer, Spirit, the Saints mascot. The trio enjoyed the holiday fun by passing out candy canes and posing for pictures.

“This is such a fun, festive event to have around the holidays, we are happy that so many people could join us and be part of our new Christmas tradition,” said Kelli Krause, PC Marketing Coordinator. “A lighting ceremony is the perfect way to enjoy the holiday season, get the community together and show everyone all of the great changes we’ve made to campus this year.”

The night’s festivities began with a skit titled “The Christmas Truce” in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel and concluded with the tree lighting.

“We want to make this an annual event and expand on it in the years to come by adding more decorations and lights,” said Beckham.

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