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PC to add golf to 2013 athletic department lineup

Breakout your 9-iron, golf has returned to Presentation College. Suspended following the 2012 season, Presentation College Director of Athletics Brian Spielbauer is pleased to announce the return of the sport for the fall, 2013 semester.

“Presentation College is excited to announce that we are adding men’s and women’s golf to our Athletics Department offerings for the Fall of 2013,” said Spielbauer. “Bryant Kucera, our current assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, will be taking on the challenge of building this program as we move forward. Bryant has done a remarkable job for us and is a tremendous recruiter and avid golfer. He will do a tremendous job for us in this area.”

As mentioned above, Kucera will assume the head coaching duties. Splitting responsibility between basketball and golf is worth the effort on his part, as it will serve to better Saints athletics as a whole.

“I’m happy to bring another competitive sport to Presentation and I’m excited to make more opportunities for student athletes to compete in another athletic program,” he said. “I look forward to taking over the men’s and women’s golf program and will do whatever I got to do to make sure our student/athletes compete as hard as they can on and off the course.”

Saints golf will “tee off” as part of the 2013 fall athletics calendar.

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