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PC hosts Lawrence Diggs exhibit in Wein Gallery

ABERDEEN, S.D. – Lawrence Diggs, a former Peace Corps volunteer, world traveler and entrepreneur, will share his exhibit titled “Frames” at Presentation College’s Wein Gallery during the months of January and February.  According to his website, Diggs aims to get people “to explore and wrestle with some of the important ideas and concepts that trouble our society.”

In his artist statement, Diggs states that, “Art is about communication. It may be about communicating thoughts or feelings, but ultimately it is about communication.”

“That is why I keep searching for ways to communicate,” he added. “I focus on what I believe are fundamental yet critical ideas and feelings that we as humans have a hard time communicating. My objective is to stimulate feeling, thinking and communication about feelings and thoughts we are unaware of or find difficult to communicate. It is expected that a greater realization of our shared humanity will come from this increased communication.”

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